Wednesday, March 7, 2012

completely random and allover the place- just how I like it.

Yes. I'm a bad blogger. Bad, bad blogger.
This post is brought to you by 2 busy playing children- James sans clothing of course while playing out scenes from "Cars 2" and Natalie stuffing all of her special stuffed animals in a box and calling it a "boat".
It's also a chance for a me to not be so lazy. God I'm lazy.
I would say preoccupied, but I'm just lazy. I can't keep trying to be fancy. Every time I want to post something I get more preoccupied with my laziness. Because so much has been going on since my last post from a WHOLE MONTH ago, I'll begin with my top 11 list of things that have been going on around these here parts:

11.) The kids are at the ages where they have developed weird fears. Such as..Natalie is terrified of this character from an app (particularly the sad face and then there's a wwwaaah wah waaaah sound).

She screams like she's being murdered if her brother makes her look at it. I finally deleted that app. They always handed it off to me to play it anyway. They just wanted it to repeat things to them but if there was anything involved to keep the stupid giraffe happy, I had to do it. I felt like I was on an episode of "16 and pregnant".
James is terrified of less animalistic stuff. He keeps asking about tornadoes, hail, and earthquakes. How can you tell them to not be afraid when right on the surface, you're terrified too. But I let him talk it out and remind him that he should be more leery of the tornado-like boys in his class. He agreed.

10.) I found an entire patch of gray hair the other day. As in IN MY HAIR. On my HEAD. A whole patch. I'm letting the red color grow out (it was a little too red for my pasty white lady skin) and I let out a big gasp when I saw it. Now I just cover it up with other hair when I do my usual sexy pulled back split second ponytail. Sexy.

9.) Speaking of the word sexy... the kids have learned that word. The other night as I'm tucking James into bed, he says with a humungous grin, "you're sexy mom". I of course (teenage brain of mine in high gear here) ask him "do you know what that word means?" and he says "yes, beautiful".
I'll take it. Also, you just earned yourself some brownie points my dear son.
I walk out of the room and in the dark I hear both kids singing "I'm sexy and I know it.."

8.) We are in the middle of getting everything filed for our bankruptcy. We are almost 3 months away from being debt-free. Debt. Free. Those words... I can't even comprehend them. I don't think I ever will. We were served more garnishment papers today (yay) and it felt great to say "I'll let my attorney see this". I felt like such a grown-up. And a little like I was on Law and Order.

7.) James has lost 2 teeth in the past few weeks! He has very solid beliefs in the tooth fairy. I never really mentioned the tooth fairy so this is all on his own. And of course, I've had fun with it. Googling "first tooth lost fairy letter" late at night to print and give to him was a real parenting moment. Also, carrying human teeth in my purse for a day was kind of freaky. James has made $6 so far. The running rate in this household is $3 a tooth or until I just forget to give the money. I also am pushing James to save up for a new scooter because his other one is broken. He won't ride his pretty red bike from his 5th birthday. I know. It's still sitting there. I dusted it off the other day and it still looks like it came off of the store display. You want to scream at your 6 year old.. "OMG YOU HAVE SUCH A KICKASS BIKE RIDE IT OR I WILL OMG I NEVER HAD A BIKE AS A KID AAHHHGRRRRRR". One time, out of being frustrated with him, I actually did that and tried to ride it and instead I made a huge ass out of myself.

6.) Natalie plays "fashion show". It's where she walks with her face all serious, eyes looking up, and does this funny butt wiggle. The kind of butt wiggle that makes you want to cry because it's your 4 year old doing it. She makes me participate, so I have to say (and she's very specific about this) while she goes down the imaginary catwalk, "here comes Natalie wearing her beautiful cat ears and tail". And she does her poses and wiggle.

5.) The husband working nights is difficult. It's a really good problem to have. If he's working any shift then we are super happy and super lucky. But it's hard when from Monday through Thursday we can't have dinner together as a family. Our dinner is actually all over the place those days. Some days I start making dinner at 3 just so he has something to eat for the night and the kids are at the snack time part of the day. And even I'm still full from lunch. It's just.... awkward. Yeah, awkward. But we'll deal.

4.) The husband is also still eager to go back to school to finish his MT degree. He will and I keep telling him that it will happen. I'm pretty naggy so he knows I won't let him not go back. I also have to be naggy with myself. I still don't know what I want to go back to school for. I know I want an education. It's a huge goal of mine that I feel very passionate about. But I just don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

3.) If you look in my search history on this computer you'll find "how to become a lactation consultant". Yeah. Things like that. That was a very late Monday night search that I'll probably never search again. But it's proof that I have no idea what I'm doing.

2.) James had a 2 day stomach bug last month and I must say! I am very proud of myself. I was the only one around to clean it up (so much for my plan) and despite my sheer phobia and anxiety over barf and my overuse of Lysol and Clorox wipes, I didn't freak out as much as I thought I would. I also witnessed my own Exorcist moment from a child older than an infant for the first time ever. I actually thought a long deep thought while it happened- I kept thinking "wow...that's a whole shitload of puke..why is it still coming out? it's a fucking geyser. Oh dear god it's a geyser! yeah that's what it is! Wow... I guess he shouldn't have had that banana 12 hours ago... I wonder if I'm dreaming this.. I mean it is 4:30 in the morning.. I really have to pee...oh YUP NOW THE PUKE IS ALL OVER MY SOCKS AND PANTS OMGOMGOMG".

I was still finding chunks over a week later.

And that was that.
Also, my germaphobic ways sort of paid off- no one else caught it! The husband says he did but he says he catches everything everyone gets and I don't see proof. When I had my sinus infection several months ago he said he had one too. When I gave birth to both kids he said that his contractions were bad, too. There's a small chance he may be worse than me.
Or not. Oh well.

1.) Much to the hard work of many Colorado mamas and other special people connected to CHDs, February 24th was marked as the official "Children's Heart Day" in Colorado. Thanks to this mama bear, Amanda Adams, we are now going to have pilot studies completed by the end of the year, so newborn babies can have the pulse oximetry used to check the oxygenation in their blood. This critical bill will have a much BIGGER chance of passing once the studies determine which numbers are too low and what would raise a red flag for a baby with a possible heart condition. This is so huge.

And that concludes the 11 things that my brain can remember right now.

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cartes said...

oh dawn, I love you and your are so awesome! As for wondering what you want to do when you grow up...yup Im still there...have my degree and no desire to use it at all...unless its on my own kid...Your local community college may offer a test that says what you would be good at...not sure how much that would cost though....

I love your description of James throwing up...that should be submitted to Scarey Mommy...

As for Ricky catching everything, thats a man for ya...dan does the same and acts 10 times worse than marty when sick...I can be sick, still taking care of marty, and than I have to take care of him much fun lol