Sunday, January 15, 2012

weekend mash-up

  • I realized today that the pillows we've all been using for our sleepy heads are older than Natalie. So off to Target we went to get new pillows.. NEW PILLOWS.. take that! dust mites that are breeding underneath our heads. Now you're living in the dumpster!!
  • Our kids are 4 and 6 but still get into things that result in trouble just as bad as when they were 14 months old: we walk into the living room (YES both mom and dad) and James is suffocating Natalie with my throw pillow on the couch.. and Natalie's laughing hysterically. Then James walks into our bedroom, while I'm putting our clean bedding on the mattress, with a bag over his head saying "HEY MOM LOOK I'M AN ASTRONAUT!" Then while I'm cooking dinner and Rick is on the phone with his mom, Natalie is playing with the spokes of the bike (that James will never ever ride for some reason) and cuts her pointer finger..blood....everywhere. (She's totally fine.. but MAAAAYUUNN does that aspirin thin her blood). 
  • After having about 6 hours of anxiety-ridden OCD attacks, I kind of gave up. Because for some strange reason, when the light comes into our apartment is seems to highlight every.single.bit.of.dust.and.dirt.and.smudge with extra gleam. Once the sun went down, I let it go and now I don't least until tomorrow morning. 
  • James spent all weekend desperately asking me to videotape him doing something awesome for uploading a video onto the "America's Funniest Videos" site. Right now he's right by me asking me to videotape his awesome cool jumps into my new pillows.... oh wait, he's shirtless and jumping into my new pillows. 
  • I realized that I'm a size smaller in the pants that I thought I was. I'm also right at the weight I was before the holiday. HUZZZAH! I, in every ounce of honesty, have no clue how this is happening. I have eaten some late (Nutella-ish) snacks at night for many nights in a row. I've also reconnected with 2 old loved ones.. butter lots of bread..but not together...and this is kind of funny. 
  • This past Monday, we found our kitty a new home. After day after day .....after more days..of the landlord pretty much changing her mind about letting us keep him, we found him a more appropriate owner who will love him just as much. The kids are upset about it but they definitely understand why. I mean.. how DO you keep a cat out of 4 windows with a ledge perfect for sitting on? At least now he can be seen and heard. 
  • I figured since being at home every weekend long and with the hubby having off every Monday, I may as well try and work some hours again. I'll work some hours next weekend at the nursing home. I'm at least a tiny bit excited about this! HUMAN INTER-ACTION. Well, human interaction with people that are not wiping their boogers on me and coughing in my mouth. 

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Valerie Eshenbaugh said...

LOL. You never know, James could win the grand prize and you guys could be set up and have a house off of his goofiness. Both of your kids are so silly and to watch them on TV would be a treat!!
I love this blog entry!! :)