Wednesday, January 25, 2012

the post where I pretend to be a real reviewer of stuff (again) PART 2.


We love the eggs. 

We can easily go through a whole carton of eggs in 2 days. But then there are weeks where we eat none. Usually those are the weeks that I get too lazy to hard-boil them. I still can NOT boil eggs properly. I've even gotten some excellent Facebook advice about this and I still can't boil an egg without the shell taking over the egg inside and I'm left with an egg that's peeled that also looks like it was tortured. 

When I was pregnant with Natalie I cooked excellent hard boiled eggs. Hmm, now that I think of it, now living in higher elevation could be problem. Whoa. I think I just figured it out! Well anyway, I was addicted to eating eggs and usually about 3 hard-boiled eggs a day took care of my craving. I ate them like they were chocolate cake. And I still LOVE eggs but now, because I'm 33 (I guess) I just get the farts really bad after I eat one. 

But I have definitely passed a huge craving over to Natalie. So, you pregnant ladies!! Just eat fruits and veggies most of the day (even beans) because I think that's the only way we'll get little kids to eat them!! See, I figured it out. You are so very welcome. 

Natalie loves LOVES hard-boiled eggs, but that's the only way she'll eat them unless they're hidden in a recipe. But she hates HATES the yolk. She still thinks it's cheese balls and thinks they're gross. What's sort of neat about this is that the yolk is what has all of that cholesterol so I'll take it. When I do boil the eggs and they're all ready to look tortured, I have to cut the yolk out. 

But with this product....
I don't have to! I actually don't even need to have any yolk involved. 
So for the creator of Eggies, can I have a coupon? I'll take one for free eggs. 

The best advice I can give is if you buy this box of plastic, be sure to read every direction. In my case, I read each step 9 times. I'm a little slow. But if you follow the directions, the eggs do cook perfectly. I was actually very surprised. I've only used it twice so I don't have fancy recipes hanging around in my head yet, but so far, it has cooked perfect egg-white-only eggs and the kid enjoyed it. 

Awwww little egg pods!

The only weird comment I can make about this product is that their millions of little pieces together resemble baby bottle parts. Which can induce a slight panic if you glance over to your bowl while sleepily walking into your kitchen at 10 o'clock at night. You will convince yourself, even for just a split second, that you forgot to feed the baby. 

Other than that, I give this product a solid B+ 

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