Saturday, January 7, 2012

Make a Wish trip: Wednesday, Day 5! at the beach!

Day 5 of Natalie's Make a Wish trip was once again, full of sunshine and warm temperatures. It was gorgeous again. And we actually skipped the ice-cream for breakfast this morning and headed over to The Gingerbread House. The food there is so yummy. Natalie ordered yogurt with Cheerios and James got a chocolate donut.. see exhibits A and B...

and B..  (nommy nom)
I took a few moments to soak in the restaurant. Everything is always so bright and cheerful in there! Even the tables you eat on look yummy and bright!
They have stuffed animals and toys lining the ceilings. It's totally impossible to enter this place and feel sad. It really is wonderful. I also joked to the hubby about who would have to dust all of this? because they do a fantastic job!

After our yummy breakfast we headed over to.......
 for some horseback riding! They only do horseback riding on Saturdays and Wednesdays and knew we had to try it out. Natalie was super stoked to ride a horse.. ahem.. sorry.. PONY (she kept correcting me), and James just wanted to pet the horse. 

 They took her around 2 laps!

 ..and then I glance over and see James riding! He was so scared but then changed him mind when seeing Natalie having so much fun. We were so happy to see him give it a try. 

After a great morning at Give Kids The World, we headed out to Tampa to see Grandpa (Rick's dad), Regina (mama in law), and then Mom-Mom, the kids great-grandma!
The drive there was really nice. There was a moment when James felt really carsick but thankfully, we got through it without a hitch. We stopped to see Grandpa and Grandma for a bit and had a yummy lunch at the beach. : )
 "we only thought that beaches were real in books!"

 Grandpa noted something oh so true.. it's a Wednesday afternoon and look how many beach-goers were there! ha!
 The weather was nice and hot and even the Gulf wasn't too cold. 
 After a little while, Rick decided to go allll the wwwaaaay out there... 

 ..then he came back to take James alllll the wwaaaaay out there.

 The 3 generations of the Bent men. : )

 Natalie kept screaming and giggling at the cold water. 
 Sorry James. I kind of just had to.

 Clearwater at sunset. 

 couldn't you just move there?? like AT the beach.

Here's Natalie with Mom-Mom's cat "Prissy". Meow.
 We got to Mom-Mom's around 6ish. We totally lost track of time at the beach. We were so happy to finally get to see her. James was laying in the chair behind us, really sleepy, but Natalie wanted to pose. It was so wonderful seeing her. This is the first time she's ever met James and Natalie.

She said "don't wait another 7 years to see me okay??"
 We really love that lady. 
Right before we left the kids gave her a nice hug. 
It was so sweet. 

Later while driving home, I got the weather report from my mom in Colorado and come to find out- snow was headed their way! over a foot of snow. We knew from that point on that we would have some white stuff waiting for us when we got back home. Sand to snow. Too funny.

Next up! Day 6 and a day at Disney's Hollywood Studios! It was another really warm and gorgeous day in Florida. : )

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