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Make a Wish trip: Thursday, Day 6! Disney's Hollywood Studios!

Thursday turned out to be a gorgeous day! It was really sunny again and the temperature was in the low 80s. I think I would give my left arm right now for that temperature. As I type this, it's in the 20s here in Denver. ugh. Oh Florida.. how we miss you. ; )

We went to go and get breakfast and a volunteer stopped us to tell us some special characters were on the way to GKTW any minute! Mickey and Minnie took time out of their busy schedules to come see us! James only had eyes for ice-cream and said he was scared, so I took him for his "breakfast" while Natalie and daddy got to meet 2 special mice. 
While waiting in line, Natalie told daddy that she was going to someday marry Mickey.

As they walked out of the theater seeing Mickey and Minnie, Belle and Goofy came up for a visit!
I LOVED Goofy's big shoes. Naturally, I had to tell him. Natalie pointed at his feet and giggled. It was so cute. James sat and ate his ice-cream. 

When it was time to get a photo with Belle, James was ALL about it. Like he said earlier in the trip, "I'm Belle's boyfriend!" Lord have mercy...  ; )

After getting some yummy breakfast at the Gingerbread House, we headed over to Disney's Hollywood Studios. If I haven't said this yet, well then I have to remember to say this now, Hollywood Studios was AWESOME. It was really a great place to end our trip. It was super crowded once again, but for some reason, it seemed easier to maneuver this time. Maybe it was all of the practice walking and pushing that double stroller for all those hours the other day! It was jam-packed but there were SO many characters to see and they were really easy to find. 
Hollywood Studios has a 40s themed concept. At every angle and turn there's something neat to look at. 

Mickey's famous wizard hat from "Fantasia"!

 James was feeling grumpy this day. Maybe he missed Belle. Still not sure. 

We walked around, heading to the back of the park, and came across an area with some more characters inside!! Winnie the Pooh. Oh this was so cute. They let Natalie spend an extra few minutes with Pooh. They saw her "Make a Wish" shirt and told her to take her time. Even typing that makes me misty-eyed. 
So she took her time and Pooh, at one point, tried to take her with him to inside his treehouse. She kept giggling. James kept saying how soft and cuddly Pooh was. 

 a kiss for Pooh..
..and saying goodbye.. ; )

We walked..maybe 10 feet away and saw someone really familiar! Natalie's eyes LIT up and she raced over to Mickey! They let Natalie skip to the front of the line and once again, everyone was so generous and sweet..they told us to take a little extra time. Natalie just kept hugging and hugging and hugging.. 

I wonder how the people are that play these characters, because they do a FANTASTIC job moving and acting like them. You really do get lost into the magic of it all. It's so hard not to. 
We walked around a little more and came across my favorite scene in "Fantasia". I love those little brooms!

 After our visits with Pooh and Mickey, we headed over to the Pixar part of the park! 
We rode the "Toy Story Mania!" ride. It's a 3D game where you collect your own points from shooting targets left and right- plates, balloons, there was so much! I did..okay.. I didn't realize to really get more points was to just keep hold of the trigger. I kept letting go and pushing in. ha.
James liked it..he said he didn't like how it jerked him around. I can totally understand that... Natalie LOVED it. She rode it again later on..
 We found McQueen and Mater!!! James was feeling confused. He ran over to tell me that their mouths didn't move. You can't fool him...he's a wise old man that one. 

 Phineas and Ferb were close by. Both kids screamed..I felt so bad. But both characters blew kisses at Natalie. She kind of really liked that. 
If you look all around'll see sets everywhere! Well it's either a set or a real street in San Francisco. 

 We then headed over to the Lights! Camera! Action! Stunt Show! We got there just in time. It was so funny.. we had just bought ice-cream. Natalie's was dripping everywhere while we walked to our seats but everyone kept saying how yummy it looked. She was covered in chocolate and vanilla. No photo to prove, but it happened. 

 James was in heaven.. and HEY WHO'S THAT?!
 James shouts "that's the REAL McQueen see mommy!!"
 The show was fantastic. I got a really great video clip of the last part of the show. I'll post that tomorrow along with a few more misc. clips. : )

 Natalie waiting in the short Toy Story Mania! line with daddy..
 On the ceiling was Chutes and Ladders! ha!

 After all of that, we walked around the big huge wizard hat for a bit and sat around. The kids were begging for bubble guns so we bought them each one. They entertained the passer-bys with those. 

 We waited a little too long to grab a spot for the Pixar parade but when you have an over 6 foot guy to hold you up, it all works out. James relaxed in the stroller. He was exhausted. 

After having some dinner at the resort, we walked around the resort for quite a while. It was nice warm evening. We hadn't visited the Wish Fairy yet, who hides inside The Castle of Miracles. The wish fairy takes your star and puts it on the ceiling where it stay forever! A volunteer got us all set up and off her star went!

we planted Natalie's star in the special magical box...
 The below photo is supplied from our awesome picture disc from GKTW, the above we took the following day. He star was already there! It's in the JOY section of the tower inside the castle. The tower is only about a year old. They built it to fit more stars because they ran out of space. 
It is so amazing that her star will be there forever. :*)
Here's the tower where Natalie's star is!
 Check out all of these other visitors that have had their star put on the ceiling. Each star is a very special visitor at Give Kids The World. We were invited to come back anytime to see it. 

 The volunteer there that night was so funny..he said "one day they asked us all to bring in buttons from home. None of us had a clue as to why. Then soon after, they had us all come over to see THIS!" 
 The buttons are planted right at the pillow tree..
 Natalie and James were able to get a special wish pillow- a pillow that gives you only good dreams. (how stinkin' cute is that??)

 We walked around a little more.. below is the photo supplied by GKTW and we went INSIDE. 
hahaha that painting.. oh goodness.... that's so funny.

 a tiny little work desk!
After visiting Mayor Clayton's tiny home, we went to visit Santa. We waiting in line for quite a while..he was the popular guy that evening! It was so worth it. 
After our visit they had the kids pick out a present in an area right outside the theater where Santa was. Natalie chose a doll and James chose a Transformer figurine. That was so sweet!!

Day 6 was so awesome. We knew that day 7 meant packing and getting ready to leave. We stayed up late to really soak it all in. The kids were exhausted but kept saying how much fun they had. James talked about the stunt show for that whole evening.. 

Next up! Day 7..our last day.. packing up and getting creative with our left over balloons!
Also, a flight delay.. but not a really bad flight delay. ; )

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