Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Make a Wish trip: Sunday, Day 2!

The "requirement" for staying at Give Kids The World Village" is that you have to have ice-cream for breakfast at least once while there. We started our morning off just right by doing that. It didn't take any convincing to the kids (or husband). This morning, we woke up rested and we felt great. Everyone got sugared up!

 Yes, honey! SCREAM! it's encouraged. 
 It was time to head out of the resort and go meet a fellow "heart family" in the Orlando area. I was pretty excited and Natalie was too. She was marveling in the idea that there was another kid out there who had the same kind of heart as hers. Kylie just turned 3 and has the same exact heart condition! This is a family that knows exactly what it's all about. Her brother, Mason, is 5 and just like we figured, he and James got along beautifully.

 Yes, I know, typical Natalie. 
 Tiffany and I! I really can't wait to see them again!!
 After meeting the family we headed back to our villa and decided to take the opportunity to really snoop around. Our villa, literally! was right across the street from this awesome place: Matthew's Boundless Playground.
 See that red car on the far right? that's our rental car and villa!

 The entire playground is centered towards being the most awesome Candyland game ever.

 I told Natalie to pretend to lick the chocolate ice-cream. She ended up really licking it. 
 We heart Gloppy.

 Rick, just carrying away his prize.

 This is "Ol Elmer" the sleeping tree. He is planted right behind (and actually connected to) the Castle of Miracles. Much more to come about that magical place.
 The Castle of Miracles.

 Natalie was so excited to ride her first ride. ; )
 This cool contraption was a helicopter that, once inside, your rock it side to side.
 We decided to go play putt-putt at Dinoputt and Natalie had a meltdown because she couldn't hold the club right. Poor kid. She jumped back into it after being shown a few more times.
 Inside the cave at hole 4. Glowy cave drawings!

 The kids were scared of the cave because if you moved inside it just right it would sound like something was erupting. To me and Rick, it sounded like a big fart. The photo above was taken by a Give Kids The World employee and where the alleged farting took place. ; )

The following are more photos taken by Give Kids The World. With each family that visits, they supply you with a CD full of photos of the village and of you having fun while at their resort. They would just ask what you villa number was, name, and so many cool photos were on it. These are some photos of the village to give you an idea of how awesome this place is:
 at the front entrance.
 this is the Ice Cream Palace where we had breakfast almost everyday, and sometimes a late evening treat.
 The Gingerbread House where we had dinner on the first evening at the village and had a few breakfast meals there too. The volunteers at both places were AMAZING. They would bring you your tray of food, clear your table, they did everything with a warm smile. Gosh I love them.

 This cool setup was the Amberville Train Station. Much of it had a button to operate the carousel, the trains, etc. It would change from day to night then to morning, sound effects included a rooster crowing, even a late day thunderstorm! We visited this a few times!
 inside The Ice Cream Palace.
 We knew they had a carousel there and I distinctly remember Natalie's face lighting up even while we were still here in Colorado. She rode it at least twice a day. Even James did and he hates rides! My personal favorite- the roosters and the pig. haha
 Inside The Gingerbread House, which was actually a Perkins Restaurant in disguise. I didn't know this until our last day there! They also had a place called "Katie's Kitchen" that was a Boston Market in disguise. They actually delivered a few of our lunches and late dinners to use at our villa several times while we stayed there! What a cool thing!
 Inside The Castle of Miracles: the Star Fairy area. Again, much more to come!!
 Amberville Train Station.
 A tiny little house nestled in the park where Mayor Clayton and his wife live. It really was TINY!
The entrance to their large pool!

Next up: Monday, Day 3 at The Magic Kingdom! Yes I know, you thought we had forgotten! ; )

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cartes said...

Bjs actually sells that helicopter thing James was dad was considering buying it and putting in their yard for Marty
Is Give the kids the world ran by Disney or by Make a Wish? Cause I know to work at any of Disney's Parks It is required to smile at all times while working and even on the trams that run from the hotels and to the parking get caught 3 times not smiling and your fired on the spot....the same goes for breaking character or taking any part of your costume off while in front of of my friends from Community College did a summer internship there