Monday, January 9, 2012

Make a Wish trip: Friday, Day 7! Our last day.. sniff.

Our last day at Give Kids The World. 
We really could have just moved in. It was the best experience staying there for a whole week. I never knew what it would feel like to be on a real vacation until our first day there. To actually relax and be so well taken care of. It was so easy to relax and feel comfortable there. Next to the experience at Disney, this place is at the top of our list of places we'll miss greatly. 
We decompressed, regrouped, and felt at ease for the first time in YEARS. 
Now we know why Make a Wish was excited that we were granted something for Natalie to share with us. It was amazing!!

We didn't have to drive to the airport until a little after 3pm. Our flight was a direct flight to DIA and that was delayed until 5:45-5:55pm from the original 4:45pm. Due to the snow, which really I thought the delay would be way worse than that. We kept joking how we hoped (okay, not really a joke) to be stuck in Orlando for one more day. But the runways were pretty clear in Denver, which is pretty good for getting 13 inches of snow the day before. They were on it, I have to hand it to them. 
I almost didn't even check the status of our flight. Good thing I did!
We had a solid 4 hours to spend at the resort after checkout. Everyone must have been at the parks because there weren't really any people around. 
We revisited a few more of our favorite places...

Natalie's favorite part ..the carousel. 

We went to go and play more putt-putt. 
I'm very happy to report, there were zero meltdowns during this game.

 The kids chose their ships in the water below and raced them!

 We went for 2 more train rides at the Amberville Train Station. 

 Our last elephant and carousel ride..
 And as you can see from very depressed faces... it was time to go. 

While we were packing up our things in the morning, Ricky and I kept wondering what we were going to do with Natalie's Magic Kingdom balloon. The balloon was HUGE.. here's her with it in this photo:
It's really a cool balloon but it kept hitting us in our faces the ENTIRE time during our MK visit. lol And it hit a few other people too (oops!) We wanted Natalie to at least have the pink part of the balloon for her scrapbook (I have all of the supplies by the's actually doing the scrapbooking that I haven't done..yet). While deflating it we took this video:

Natalie talks about GKTW everyday. She keeps asking when we can go back. We've explained how one day we'll go there to volunteer and take care of the visitors just like they took care of us. She's really excited to do that. James is too (as are we!!). 

Speaking of is his favorite clip of the whole trip:
(you can probably skip the 1st 20 seconds of it)

I hope I haven't overloaded anyone with photos. I'm sure I have, but I really wanted to get this all documented. Because I'm so lazy with scrapbooking, I know that by posting our adventures here, the kids will get to see it all over and over again..and hopefully forever. : )

We love you Give Kids The World and Make a Wish!!!!

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Becca said...

What a fun trip :-) And a blessing for your sweet family! I just found your blog (my son has a chd - he's 5 months old now) . . . Looking forward to reading more!