Saturday, January 21, 2012

looking back..

It's really hard to believe that I've kept up with this blog for almost 6 1/2 years now. I won't go into a deep reflection or anything..I'd be here all day. Seriously, 6 years. Whoa.

The blog title has changed quite a few times. Here's a quick list.. (I love lists!):

"Baby Bent"
"..and then there were three! (plus a fat cat)"
"..and then there were four!"
"The Bent Bunch"
"Bent, Not Broken"
(somewhere in there is probably another name change that I can't remember)

This blog has seen the birth of 2 beautiful kids and I've written about both birth experiences. We've gone through having 2 cats (although our 2nd was so short-lived), stories about Natalie's heart condition including the day when she was diagnosed. I've written about family struggles, potty training, and baby food. I've written way too much about poop and vomit. I've written so much about too many baby teeth, snotty noses, and boogers. There are probably too many posts to count where I have mentioned money.
We've lived in 5 different apartments in 2 different states during this whole time.

I noticed that my early entries were usually just photos. I didn't have too much to say. Once, I would say 2007 popped up, I started to have a whole lot to say. That was the time that I realized that I could use this blog for whatever I wanted. It was a place where I could unload and unwind. Almost about anything.
I still hold back a bit, because I sort of have to. But I've learned to hold back a lot less each year, because frankly, I'm getting too old to be holding back so much. I've aged with this blog and it's aged with me. The children are growing, our family is evolving, and we are growing and evolving with it.

Sometimes I wonder if I should branch off into something new- something that defines me as anything other than "just another mommy blogger". But I love being just another mommy blogger. I'm okay with that. Because being a mom has been my favorite occupation in life so far. And you can't beat the daily free material to write about.

Here's a post I wrote 4 years ago today:

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Valerie Eshenbaugh said...

You've have written so many wonderful posts Dawn. While I may not have read each and every one of them, I sure have enjoyed what I have read. Here's to another 6 years!!!