Monday, January 16, 2012

January is officially 1/2 OUTTA HERE.

There's something about the early part of a new year that has me in kind of a slump. A post-post-holiday, freezing, snowy, bare-tree, icy, everything's always looking dirty and wet outside, SLUMP.

I was born in December so why do I get annoyed by winter so much? I never understand that.And let's be real here, it's not in the 20s and 30s every day here in Denver. We do get generous amounts of sun and the occasional 50 or 60 degree day.

But I am just so old now that I find a reason to hate every season..

Spring.. oy look at that mud and it's supposed to rain AGAIN? Ok, wait..we're talking about Colorado here, it never rains. GAH more flowers??

Summer... someone turn on more fans I'M SO HOT. That dry air is getting on my nerves so bad. I'm so sick of the smell of fresh cut grass!

Fall... LEAVES EVERYWHERE leave me alone! Also, I hate you wind.

Yeah... that sounds about right. But one thing I try to do when I feel so glum, is look for things to do that keep me occupied and completely distracted. So far, there has been zero shortage of this so I'm kind of grateful.
I'm occupied with the following things right now..and you can laugh at #2. You're allowed.

#1- Finding a way to keep James' eczema from flaring up so much. James and eczema..those 2 words don't even make sense. I mean, no offense Natalie, but you're the one with the super sensitive, milky white skin. But hey I'm totally happy for you! I wish I could snap a picture (or remember to snap one) because it really did freak me out at first. I was all like "RICK THIS IS RINGWORM OH MY GOD OHMYGOD!" And then I kept googling "ringworm" and "bacterial infections" and "6 year old rash circles".

Come to find out... it's definitely eczema. I haven't gotten the official word from his doctor yet, but then again, out of the 9 doctors at the kids' office of miscellaneous pediatric nurses, no one ever remembers James. Heck, they don't even remember Natalie most of the time. But that's another post for another day, because come June when we move, we won't have to worry about that anymore.

But yeah, so I'm pretty sure it's eczema. That caused a stir of excitement 'round here.


When it comes to scrapbooking I truly so very honestly have no idea what I'm doing. I visited the craft isle at Wally World, and I was so lost. "Do I need a regular hole puncher and a heart-shaped puncher? Do I need  textured cardstock and regular? What is cardstock anyway? Why does it look like it will never fit in this book? I'm so dizzy."
 I have no clue what I'm doing. I'll figure it out, but rest assured, I'm only doing this for Natalie. She would love a book to flip through with her Wish Trip stuff all in there and organized. I'm only doing this for her. Definitely not for myself because if it were just my stuff I'd put it all in a box and just throw a label on it. Just like how all of the kids' baby stuff is. Just thrown in there.. but at least the boxes I put that stuff in is nice. That's as fancy as I get.

#3- The 2nd half of January means that it will February soon. And February as all of us know = another excuse to pig out on candy. Candy, is the ultimate mood lifter. Next to bacon. And the Ravens winning the Super Bowl.


cartes said...

Have you thought about doing a photo book, that you can order online? She could even write captions for each photo with your help. I Really want to do a photo book for Marty because I am horrible at the scrapbook/baby book stuff...theres also photobooks that are like scrapbooks that you can do online...set up the arangement of everything and they do all the work and send it to you

DawnB @ The Bent Bunch said...

I actually was thinking of doing that..well I was thinking but doing is a different thing for me. LOL But I have lots of keepsake stuff that she acquired throughout the trip. I started the book and I've already filled 4 big pages. I think I'll be ok. But! I may have to do something else with the photo part of it all. My printer gulps ink like nobody's business!! I still need to print photos. Any ideas about what's cheapest? (printing photos) I keep hearing of Shutterfly? Snapfish?