Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hey, hows about another list of 10 things?

I like lists. I also like cupcakes for breakfast. I do not like the coffee my husband leaves for me in the morning (sorry hon!). I like my coffee STRONG but his is so strong that your lips pucker and it almost tastes like you're eating an iron pipe. Yes, even with the heaping cups of flavored creamer added in it.
I never said I was a REAL coffee drinker.
Maybe, I could just dip my cupcake in the coffee?

So! Lists! yes those! How about another one for this fine Thursday? I'm pretty much still in love with this blog but if I want to have any post now, well for now, it has to be in the most elementary-way possible. I think even James could write up a better post now. This would be his:

I'm so lazy I can't even attempt to rotate it. 

Natalie could attempt a post but hers would look like this:

love, NATALIE.

10.) Exhibits A,B, and C:

 (if were making a modeling portfolio we would use this one above)
Natalie is convinced that she is a cat. I am convinced, however, that she may be at least part cat because as I type this, she's meowing in my right ear. I'm unsure of what this means for the husband and I.
Those fluffy cat ears are now her official uniform. Last year it was the snowflake dress that she wore all the way until June of this year.
This dress:
This proves that I do take photos of James.

The below photo proves that even other people take photos of James.
Sigh. He's getting so big. This brings me to...

9.) This! Forget "he's getting big" he IS big! I lost track of weights and percentiles like 2 years ago but I think he's in the 185th percentile for those that can inhale each meal the fastest. Except for mashed potatoes. NO mashed potatoes. 

8.) Want to see something that looks kind of scary?
No, you are not watching Natalie perform a scene as a "walker" in "The Walking Dead". This poor kid looked like this for a whole week due to that Fifth Disease virus. Stupid Fifth Disease. They should call it "First Disease" because at least then you may feel like you won a prize by getting something first. Fifth. Hmph. 

7.) Our area had it's first frost yesterday morning. While walking James to school we took in the crystal-lined grass and bushes. Not so good if you're a gardener, but it really was pretty to look at. This morning we had a little bit of frost and I went back to this spot:

6.) It feels like I didn't take any photos of Fall this year. Probably because I've only taken 6 and they were all this morning. For some reason, it seems like last year the season took a longer time to change. I just remember more colors. Some of my favorite trees are already bare. Yes, I'm whining about this. 

5.) Halloween costume update: James is going to be Spiderman this year. He has sent me out to find a mask to go with the costume he already has. I bought that at a thrift store earlier this year just for dress up time. I'm so proud of my almost-6 year old who is okay with my being too broke thriftiness. Bet you can't guess what Natalie is going to dress up as! James was going to be a dog but he changed his mind. 

4.) Ricky is fully engrossed into his 2nd semester of schooling. He is taking Physiology and Massage II. He's kicking ass in both. He has realized that sitting up further to the front row of class has it's perks. You get to sit with a whole buncha smart people!

3.) The discussion of moving back to Baltimore has popped up many times. I don't want to discuss too much of this on the blog, but we're just talking. Nothing has been set. We're just trying to cover all bases. It feels good that we already know of a few people who have their arms opened wide for us if we came back. It's a blessing. Right now, it's all discussion, nothing has been planned. We realize that because of the cost and many other reasons, if were to move back to B'more then that's it. No more Colorado. 
Not sure how I feel about that. I don't want to be flaky about any of it, so right now it's fair to say that we're taking things week to week and month to month here in Colorado. Has nothing to do with pride anymore. We just are trying to work hard. We're also still waiting to hear about the official word on Natalie's SSI claim. I hope she gets it. She wants to learn piano so bad. There are some inexpensive classes at the rec center. 

2.) This makes things even more confusing. So, Ricky was denied the position, officially, on Monday. Their reasoning was because the company requires you to not attend college so you can be all about the company. It's crazy. You go back to school and you end up being denied a job because of it. I totally get why, because the degree he's going to have has zero to do with green technology. But the company knew this before they called him, before they interviewed him, and while they offered the position. It just doesn't even make sense. But, this is where things get really confusing. The staffing agency contacted us the next day saying that his position (the original position) he applied for is still there and to hold onto his hat because they'll come back soon with a start date. hmmmmm. Until he begins his first week there, we are not holding our breaths. There are 2 buildings on the compound there. Building 1 still wants Ricky but building 2 denied him. I know, it makes no sense. But we're hopeful. No matter how exhaustingly shitty it gets, we are still hopeful with this company. But hopeful doesn't mean that we've stopped looking for work. We have about 20 job networking sites on our computer bookmark alone. Although, I feel like giving up on Craigslist. 

1.) Would you like to see James' reading skills?

James had his first conference of the school year last week. He and 3 other children in the class are at the top of the class with reading skills. His teacher loves James and had so much good stuff to say about him. "You mean he listens to you??" well okay, I didn't say that to her, but I almost did. Whatever her trick is it's working. But in all honesty, James is doing fantastic in school and he's constantly pushing himself to try more difficult things. And he has fun with it! Now I'm tearing up!
That's my boy. And Natalie, she is as smart as ever too. She is writing her name beautifully, draws just as beautifully, and both kids play school together. James doesn't realize it- but he's teaching her a whole bunch of skills. She doesn't realize it either. It's not going to take much to get her ready for kindergarten.


Carey said...

Hi Dawn. I finally have a minute to catch up on my favorite blogs. I love the new look of yours! And I am absolutely loving this post! You have some amazing kids there. Of course, you already knew that! I know it's just talk at the moment, but I'm loving the B-more chatter! Ricky might just have to tutor me in massage! (I have to get through A&P first though!) Anyway, I love you guys, and I hope all is well in frosty CO!

Dawn said...

Hey Carey! I'm so happy that you stopped by! I have been wanting to tell you- your blog has been cracking me up. OMG the one about Bianca and Toys R Us. OMG! Not only is that kid bright but she is bright enough to know the difference. I hear that's the place where Santa lives. LOL Ricky would love to help out. Of course, we're still stuck at trying to figure out what to do. He's been getting a huge amount of construction work lately so that would figure. LOL Maybe the threat of us moving put out some good luck. Oh and i was wondering, is A&P considered Biology? He would love to help you out! even over the phone, through email you name it! Are you taking classes right now? He is thinking of Baltimore School of Massage if we do move back to MD. We found that and Essex. Where do you go? Denver School of Massage is actually owned by the same company that operates Balto. School of Massage- same curriculum. We love you guys!! Give Bianca a big kiss from us! Take some for you guys too!! xoxo

Living proof that love can sustain even the roughest patches said...

Dawn, so MUCH going on with you guys! I love all of your pictures and I'm so proud of James for "unintentially" teaching his lil' sister some great skills. That's so wonderful!
About Ricky's job situation, what a mess! That's the only thing I can get from that situation you wrote out. It's messy and so uncertain! Ick!
I love that Natalie thinks she's a cat! Her wearing that cat headband is so darn precious! I love it so much!
As for the MD "talk", whatever you guys do, make sure you do it for you. Make sure everyone is happy for the choice and that will help you as a family know that you are where you're meant to be! Know that Ohio loves you too, however, that's something that is soon to change if some situations get taken care of. So, who knows, CO may not be out of your visual area afterall... You can always come and visit! ;)
While staying positive is very time consuming and draining,think of it as something that'll strengthen you and your family through the hard times!
I really hope Natalie gets the SSI here soon! Piano lessons are awesome!!! What an amazing thing to choose! Is that something she's going to "make a wish" for? Has that been something that's been brought up?
<3 I'm so proud of you Dawn! Keep truckin' and know that you're SO loved by many!!!