Tuesday, August 16, 2011

ramblin' Tuesday part deux.

*Yesterday, James asked me what a "douchebag" was.

*Natalie just told me that my legs are prickly.

*I caught James playing a game on PS3 where you drive a car, people cuss ( a lot), you dodge police cars, and someone keeps shouting "douchebag". Mystery solved.

*Definitely having a talk with the husband later about that game. Now I know why yesterday, while I was work, the day was so FUN.

*I think the husband believes that I want to see him suffer, truly suffer while trying out this gluten-free diet. The only suffering I have witnessed so far is him making less trips to the bathroom. But that doesn't really count as suffering.

*6 more days until James starts kindergarten and just typing that out made me have that lump in my throat and slight swelling in my eyelids.

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