Sunday, August 7, 2011


Getting our bathing suits and almost ready to go... I then ask the kids to put their sandals on for our quick walk over to the pool.
Natalie sits on the floor, puts one sandal on and then starts to sob.
"What's wrong Natalie?" I ask and she continues to sob and point at her nose.
"Your nose hurts?"
"YEEEEESSSSSS" she says very loudly, while still sobbing.

I look up into her nose and I see nothing.. just a booger and snot. YUM.
She says again that her nose hurts and points to her left nostril. I ask "do you need to sneeze or anything?"
She then blows her nose into her hand and out pops a pea-sized teal-colored pebble.


From 3 days ago.


Carey said...

Ohmygoodness! That is hilarious! Totally priceless memory right there!! : )

Dawn B said...

I almost took a photo of the "teal booger". Probably good that I didn't. LOL!
I tell ya, we can get Bianca and Natalie together and they could make some fantastic "natural" artwork! LOL!!