Wednesday, August 17, 2011

getting ready for our new (old?) routine take 2 = FAIL.

I keep promising myself and the kids that I will try harder to get them better prepared for those early 6:30am wakeup days. No more Monday through Thursday with Friday being our fun sleeping in day. Nope nope nope. Now it will be Monday through Friday and with me still having to get up even earlier for working on the weekends. Goodbye 8am sleeping in time to 6:30am being the new sleeping in for this mama.

I meant to set the alarm last night for 7am, I really did. I had every intention of waking up and then getting the kids up at 7:30am to keep each day this week in line with a half an hour earlier wake up time. It's Wednesday and the kids slept until 8:30am. So did I.

I was tired, yo. In my defense I was up until almost 1am doing something super important stuff... no.. really! "True Blood" is serious stuff.

Tomorrow is Thursday and I plan on sticking to my plan. It will stick like white on rice. Like duct tape to an old car. Like old doctor visit stickers to clothing! you know, those stickers that you end up washing accidentally and then the jacket or shirt has a really strange, slightly gross, sticky spot on it and even old hair and lint is caught in it?

My plans will stick JUST like that.

I will be able to sleep in again next summer. Or maybe I've already figured out what I want for my birthday.

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