Monday, August 1, 2011

Dear August,

It's now August 1st and I can't figure out where June and July went. I had to check my calendar today and it was still stuck on July. I almost left it there on purpose but to prove what point, I don't really know. It's not that I don't like you. I do! It's just... well..... you kind of came around a little too soon. Now I know that YOU know that school starts in 3 weeks from today. And I know you know that I have been pulling my hair out trying to figure out different ways to keep 2 little kids entertained about 12 hours out of the day. There's only so much "Angry Birds", Play-Doh, swimming, and "Curious George" that a mom can handle. I am pretty convinced that James could play "Angry Birds" for 12 hours out of the day, though. Next agenda: Angry Birds Detox. I do promise to delete that game off of my phone if they keep screaming and fighting over it. I promise! They think I'm kidding, August, but I am dead serious. If you could see my very serious face right now you'd agree with me. It's very serious. 

Right now things are "up in the air" with the kids and their schooling. I needed a few extra weeks but nope, here you are. I'm still second-car-less and it's August-time. It's looking like we'll have to have James register at our local kindergarten class and Natalie will miss pre-k. I'm not really all that upset about it to be honest. They're both so little and so SO smart.. TOO smart.. so I'm not worried. As much as James loves the "blue ribbon" school about 4 miles away we chose and got accepted into, I don't think he'll really care where he goes. It's also just kindergarten. Another year of paints and playing. In another year we probably won't still be living in the same apartment anyway. Everything happens for a reason...  well, that's what I'm trying to make myself believe. I do believe it... I'm just making you feel guilty August. I just needed a few more extra weeks. But don't we all need a little extra time on occasion? Well, time does not wait for us so there's no way that will work. Unless someone can buy me a very nice time machine. Natalie told me today that school is fun but she likes being with me at home and would one year at home with me be so bad? We have tons of art supplies, a chalkboard, work books, pretty much anything I need to teach her at home. And I already know what the curriculum is because of James and his year with pre-k. My only concern with her is the socialization aspect of it. She is starting to become really social. So, we've decided that if she does stay home with me for a year, then she'll be signed up for her second dance class. It just ended today and starts again next month. Yes, September. I kind of like September so no offense. 

So August, you are here and ready to rock. I am not ready to rock. But we do get to rock out some camping skillz in a week and a half and there are some nifty birthdays this months, so I guess you can stay. Just slow it down m'kay? Just... sloooooow it down. 

Love ya,

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