Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 1 of the gluten-free diet..

Some of you already know but I figured I'd post something a little more in detail about this new "adventure" with eating. Not for me though, for the husband.

It's an adventure all right. The only thing missing is the adventure part.

So for the past several months the husband and I have been toying with the idea of cutting gluten out of his diet. As I've mentioned in this blog before, he has had severe issues (some days less severe but definitely worth heavy concern) with his stomach. He has pain all day long and has colonic spasms. It's pretty gross to see it in real life. Trust.
And I'm pretty sure it's more gross for him to have his colon spasm and not really be able to do anything about it. But his symptoms.. the most severe of his symptoms started about a year and a half ago. Around January 2010. Since then, he's lost a ton of weight and feels like crap. I could go into more detail but he'd say "why'd you post this? aaahhhhh" so to respect his privacy (whatever privacy we have left) I'll leave out the details. But his issues with digestion and pain have produced so real diagnosis other than a blind diagnosis of "Severe Irritable Bowel Syndrome". Following last year's colonoscopy, we've been stumped. Nothing showed on those tests and supposedly the doctors checked for celiac disease, which is a severe allergy to all things gluten (think wheat). Me personally? I don't think they checked for celiac disease. They never took a blood sample. We also ruled out GERD as a possibility. His symptoms, after careful research for over a year now, mimic those of a celiac disease patient. They mimic exactly.

Not to be the annoying, nagging wife here, but I've kindly said to him many a times that pain, constant pain in your abdomen is not normal. It's never normal, especially at age 30. I know he's so tired of me talking about it.. and I know he's exhausted with trying to figure out what's wrong..but you can't figure out what's wrong unless you do something about it. Call me crazy, but I think we may have a shot at this cutting out gluten business. It's crazy how many things you wouldn't expect have gluten in them! Soy sauce, fudge pops, and even *GASP* licorice.

Today was the first day and he already failed. But that's okay. I love him. And he only ate a bowl of pasta so it wasn't anything else. Last night, I bought him so many things that I know he already loves.. things that are already gluten-free like hotdogs, pudding, yogurt, rice, vegetarian beans, tortilla chips, salsa, and surprisingly "Barq's Rootbeer". I bought him a few special things that are labeled gluten-free: chocolate chips cookies, pasta, quick oats, and pizza.

We'll see how it goes. Day 2 will be a little more challenging because he works and he LOVES PB&J. It would be totally fine.. but he hates the gluten-free bread I found. He says it crumbles too much.

Well.. we'll give this a go for at least a week. Wish us luck! ( thinking we may need some ). Thinking we may need more options for some tasty food, too.

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