Sunday, August 14, 2011


From Saturday until Sunday morning we spent time on the road and at a really cool campsite. Finally! Our children had the chance to experience camping a la Bent style.
Which really isn't any different from anyone else.
Just full of lazy hours of sitting and eating and more sitting and more eating. And for the kids, lots of eating and sand and mud slingin'.
The campsite was a reservation I made over a month ago when I was frustrated the week before July 4th and couldn't find anything available. I am and was amazed that you had to register and reserve for most campsites now! Ye 'ol innernette. God bless it.
I spent hours scouring websites and researching for one of the best campgrounds in the whole beautiful state of Colorado. We were fine with an hour or more drive but our only limitation was something that wasn't too far up there on the elevation scale. You would think it would be for Natalie, but no.. for me. ha. Natalie is actually allowed to trek up higher as long as we bring her O2 tank and not try to force 11,000 above sea level on her. Me? I could barely handle 8,000 above sea level when we visited Estes Park a month ago. I get really light-headed, my hands and feet get tingly and I get really nauseas. In other words, I am a true wimp.

The campground was perfect. Actually, better than perfect. It wasn't too close to our other camping neighbors and it actually had a bathroom! True luxury! But it came with about 357 flies in the bathroom so that wasn't cool.

No, I did not take a photo of a bathroom.

The other seller for us picking this campground was that it had a manmade beach. Now, I was pretty excited about this and that was really the only little letdown. The kids though? didn't care about the red-brownish muddy waters. They had sand and NO ONE could stop them.

Ricky also saved a little girl from drowning. She was maybe about 8 and her mom (guardian?) didn't even pay attention to her. Nor did she ask the little girl if she was okay. I thought I was grumpy.

The campsite was located on a cliff and we had our own fire pit/grill and our own picnic table with shelter. Our super kick ass tent was perfect and even withstood the steady 30 mph wind (with gusts) like a big champ. When the wind completely died and all was still and perfectly quiet was when I couldn't sleep. I prefer the wind and gusts. The kids seem to be the same way. I think they got about  7 hours of sleep which was a lot more than I thought they'd get!
Right at sunset we were able to catch a family of 4 deer run right past us, graze, and hop down the cliff to get a drink of water. They were watching us and we were watching them. Like a dummy, my flash from the camera kept going off accidentally. I need to master night shots.

 Hey there, whatcha doing here in Colorado?

 All paths lead to our comfy tent. 

 LOOK DEER OMG! (I grew up in the city.. deer still amaze me ; )

No one died on this trip and everyone had a great great time. Everyone even survived me driving home. Anyway.... we even had a meteor shower and a full moon last night! I missed the meteor shower. I heard it was really cool. You know you can't ask for more than that!

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