Friday, June 24, 2011

Top 10 Reasons Why We Should Still Love Colorado..

Colorado has been good to us for these past 2 years so can't blame Colorado. How can I blame a state? Because the country as a whole is in a state of crap. So when things get tough and I feel like screaming the hubby and I feel like screaming, we promise to shake our fists at something else. We just can't figure out what direction that's supposed to be in.

We still love you Colorado and here's why....

9.) We pretty much make our own rain. Once moisture builds up over the mountains it falls in our area.. the valley. And then said moisture moves onto Kansas and well.. you get the idea. We actually make some of our own rain.
8.) There are playgrounds, pools, recreational centers, biking paths, walking paths and so SO much more.. and more are built constantly. I know that there are others states out there that have this, but growing up in inner city Baltimore, it's still a culture shock to me... at least with me anyway.
7.) Awesome schools in just about every city. 'Nuff said.
6.) When budget cuts are made they at least try to keep family-oriented activities going and this sort of goes with #8.. they still build and add on more things to keep people active and happy.
5.) I can't say that people here are always super nice, because I'd be lying. People here are kind of in their own worlds and they drive like assholes. They follow your bumper closely and then flip you off if they're in the wrong. But! if you need help with something, most strangers will help you out. I don't mean "hey I need a light" sort of help.. I've noticed people fall and people will RUN to help them get up and ask them if they're okay, things like that. There are natives here but there are tons of people here from California, Missouri, Illinois, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and yes, even from the East Coast. It's definitely a mixture of everything.
4.) Everything goes here.. some people have styles trapped in the 80s, the 90s (grunge era), and some walk around with purple hair and cowboy boots. But you will notice no one laughs at them.. people mind their own business. Here it is "to each their own" and people respect it.
3.) Yes there is crime here. There's definitely a bigger surge now compared to 2 years ago but with an economy in the tank, where in this country of ours is it NOT surging? The news also reports every little thing.. from a gunshot fired in Aurora (sorry Aurora) all the way to a duck that was harmed with an arrow and walked around for 3 days with the arrow still sticking out of it and OMG no one can capture it to help it because it won't let anyone come near it. Yes, I am for real.
2.) This state is HUMUNGOUS.
1.) There is so much to do here. We haven't even experienced most true parts of Colorado culture here yet. From visiting Rocky Mountain National Park to Colorado Springs to Fort Collins to the everywhere else we haven't seen yet.. we haven't given Colorado a real chance yet. And we're excited to do that really soon. We still find ourselves soaking in the views and feel lucky that we're seeing what we're seeing. That we LIVE here.

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