Monday, June 27, 2011

The next Black Swan?

Natalie totally owns her dance class. I know, I keep saying this. But today was her 4th class (with a cold this time) and she's still totally into it. Not once has she complained, gotten too tired, lost interest.. none of that. She takes it so seriously. If anything, she's more interested and especially when it comes to those mirrors! Watch the clip and you'll see how she stares at herself quite a bit. She was doing this at home before we left. She cracks us up. I love that she's found something she loves.
James begins his t-ball practicing this Thursday. He's hesitant but today he had a chance to see another group of smaller kids have fun with it. I think he thinks that he has to know everything that he's supposed to do.. like already be an expert at it and we've been telling him "nope" and that he's going to learn everything. He's hard on himself sometimes. But I know that once he sees his buddy (from preschool) he'll feel really comfortable. He loves new groups of kids.. I wish I could have been like that at age 5.
I also wish I could have been like this at age 4.. good thing we live through them. 

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cartes said...

i love how she walks past the mirror and looks at herself sooo cute!