Saturday, June 11, 2011

it's 'bout to get real fun up in here.

One month from today is going to begin true insanity in this household.
I will be continue my hours working on the weekends (thank god) and taking 2 college courses. Rick will be working full time (double thank god) and his full time college hours begin.
I took a gander at his school schedule to start marking the month of July appropriately and my jaw dropped. I didn't realize he'd be in school, some weeks, 5 days a week. EEK. Well, more EEK for him not really for me. Although today I did hear the comment "you're going to be just like a single mom!"

That wasn't what I needed to hear. 

But it's all worth it especially in the end. Each semester brings us closer and closer to better opportunities. How can I argue with that?
It's going to be really inneresting to see how this goes.

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