Thursday, June 9, 2011

CHD awareness update.

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What is this you ask?
Good question! You see, currently Colorado has no legislation, no..well..nothing concerning the mandatory use of pulse oximetry for newborns. Colorado needs advocates so we can get a law passed, just like New Jersey and Maryland, so pulse oximetry can be used to prevent more seemingly healthy babies from leaving the hospital. It is a very easy and completely non-invasive test that uses a red infrared light to measure blood/oxygen levels in patients. It's completely painless and even I, someone who is not a doctor or nurse, can do it. But obviously it's best to have a nurse or doctor do it. ; )

I feel so confident that with some hard work we can definitely do this. I know we can! Babies like Natalie should never leave the hospital if their blood/oxygen levels are lower than normal. A lower percentage. let's say 93% (just an example) could signify a heart problem and even if everything is totally fine with a baby, wouldn't it still be a great piece of mind to leave the hospital knowing for sure that your baby's heart is perfect.. or in Natalie's case.. not perfect? Knowledge is always power. 
On the Pulse Ox Colorado page I included information about who to write to asking for a bill: 2 state senators and several legislators. But the work doesn't stop there. We need to write our hospitals, talk to our cardiologists, and contact everyone we can think of connected in any way to the Congenital Heart Defect community. I have to give mad props to Kristine for her dedication and the incredibly hard work that she has put in to help moms like me know where to start. this allows us to pass it on. 
It feels awesome to proactive. 

And speaking of CHD awareness.... 

Last night, I was standing in line at our local pharmacy, dropping off Natalie's antibiotic prescription so she can have her teeth cleaned (oh and zero cavities at her dental visit yesterday wooohaaa!) and a grandma in front of me asks me "your shirt.. I know that shirt!"
I was wearing my Racing Hope For Tiny Hearts t-shirt from last year. ; )
I said, "oh! you know about heart defects?" and she says, "wow no!" and there was my perfect opportunity to talk about Natalie. She couldn't believe that a child can live with half of a heart. Her jaw dropped. She asked if we go to Children's and I said yes. Her grandson was born as a preemie and that hospital took great care of him there. She kept saying how grateful she and her family are for that hospital. Her grandson is now 7 and is thriving. Makes my heart melt. 
Then she asked more questions about CHDs and man do I love questions. Seriously, I do! Plus, what parent doesn't enjoy talking about their child? 
She said that her daughter is a nurse and will be passing this information along to her. So that's 2 people made aware today and all while I stood in line at the pharmacy. 
I love that. I can't wait to do more for the CHD community... it's easy to get lost in it and just keep going and going..that's the hardest part I can see it. 

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