Saturday, June 25, 2011

16. 191.

I'm kind of beyond really sleepy at this point. For all I know I am sleep-typing this and dreaming all at the same time.
I had to update and I HAD to update how my weight loss journey is going.. currently I am now 191 pounds and a size 16. I pretty much skipped the 18 quickly and moved my slightly-not-as-big butt into a several pairs of size 16 pants today at the local thrift shop
I also now have clothing to wear. I no longer have to make size 20 jeans look horrible anymore...totally redefines the meaning of "saggy ass".
I haven't been a size 16 size.. uhmm.. I don't even know! I think when I was 19 I was a size 16 for a while, so that would be about 13 years ago.

I was pretty out of it today from lack of sleep last night (Natalie was sick with a cold and cough and kept us up all night.. slept in our queen size bed and basically beat my back up all night while she slept in between Rick and I) ... but the feeling I got from trying on several size 18s today and seeing that every.single.pair was too big.. it was a high! I even thought for a few minutes that maybe all of the 18s I grabbed were just stretched out in the waist. I reluctantly grabbed a few pairs of size 16s and went for it.
When every pair except for one fit (1 pair was TOO BIG!) I just couldn't believe it! I kind of don't know if I'm dreaming this or not right now.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! That's quite an accomplishment. :) Amazing how something like discovering you've dropped a pant size can completely turn your day around (or how learning you've gone up a size can ruin your day).

I never really noticed how much thought I give to my weight and pant size on a daily basis until I got pregnant and gave myself permission NOT to worry about my pant size. (I still obsessed about my weight ... but in the opposite direction. I had terrible morning sickness and lost about 13 lbs in the first trimester. Any other time in my life I would've popped the champagne at losing that much weight in such a short time! It was very strange to step on the scale and hope I'd gained weight rather than lost it.)

I hope to one day become focused more on being healthy than whatever number is on my currently wearable pants. But there's nothing wrong with celebrating when your hard work pays off and you DO finally fit into that smaller pair of jeans hiding in the back of your closet. Enjoy!!!

Dawn B said...

Thanks so much!! So sorry you were that sick during the 1st trimester. :( I hope that you're feeling better now though! I lost about 5 or 6 pounds in that time too and i remember a nutritionist coming to talk to me. I explained that I felt like barfing every single second of the day and couldn't eat and she actually scolded me. LOL Good thing i never delivered at that hospital where i had my first few checkups.
And you make a good point about pant size- the number really doesn't matter.. it's matter how cliche it sounds.. about how you feel. I still feel pretty heavy but it's definitely not like how I used to feel. I feel lighter. And just think after giving birth that's a SUPER quick 10+ pounds gone just like that! LOL

meditating mom said...

OMG! I can't believe that nutritionist scolded you! I think I would've smacked her. Or maybe my husband would've done it for me (he's being extra protective these days).

For me, I had to stop reading the pregnancy books and websites for a while. They were all telling me to eat a balanced diet. Meanwhile, veggies were making me gag and all I could really keep down were cheerios! I was developing a complex about it, so I just quit reading and focused on waiting it out.

Fortunately, the morning sickness passed and now I'm getting a better diet. Except for those chocolate chip cookies I had for breakfast this morning. Whoops.