Friday, March 25, 2011


If you know me well enough, you'd know this:

I really really REALLY REALLY (yes really) have no talents. I was talking about this at work today with a fellow co-worker who has an awesome talent. Me? I got nothin'.
I used to be really great at drawing but it was with something right in front of me..something I could copy. I couldn't really draw anything fantastic that was off of the top of my head. I could draw still life very well but it's been so long I don't even know if I can anymore.
I guess you could call my drawing skills a "half talent". Ok, so I'm at least on my way of developing something I can work with and be proud of.
But that's all. Gosh, I'm really boring.
I take photos, yes. But would I walk around and call myself a photographer? No way. Can I work on this..maybe take a class? You betcha.
But I have no real natural talents.
If being a smart ass and really sarcastic is a talent well man I'm already there!

Rick, the hubby, is a natural at so many things.. he works at them but he also has a lot to work with because he's so "right brained". He's creative. He's comfortable with trying out something new. He is comfortable with himself.
He plays guitar: electric and acoustic very very well. He even knows how to play base- which is how he got started with playing guitar.
Rick even plays guitar for the children at bedtime. Isn't that sweet? This is why James' favorite Radiohead song is "Pearly". Yes, he can even play "Pearly".
Last night I caught him singing and playing guitar to Velvet Underground's "I'm Set Free"..which I had no idea was the original song before Thom Yorke (of Radiohead) and Beck's version.
So anyway.. I sort of digress here. But you get the point.
Rick is also a very good artist when it comes to drawing and painting. I'll have to take some photos of his work very soon for all to see. I think he would love that. Just recently, he painted the city of Golden even with a bicyclist in the background. All of this just off the top of his head.

I'm so happy that the kids have at least one talented parent. I'm still a "work in progress".
I already see signs of talent in the kids, too so that's even more encouraging for me. Because of their daddy, they love playing their little guitars.. drawing and painting.. dancing and I'm sure that list will grow and grow as their bodies grow and grow.

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