Monday, March 28, 2011

speaking of weight..

This post sort of summed up pretty well my "secret" to losing weight. Hey now, I don't want everyone out there running out and snatching up your own phobia. Because hey.... no. No way. Only I'm cool enough to pull that off.
Okay, it's not like that at all. Is it okay if I just laugh at that?
Ah humor.. must find the humor or I will go nuts.

As a result of my ridiculous phobia..and also eating way less doughnuts and Cheetos, I now weigh this:

I know, kind of still fat right? I almost didn't post that photo. I kept saying to myself, "why would I want everyone to know what I weigh? They're going to know that I weigh THAT much..oh gosh I'm such a fatty gaaah".
Nope. Not in the least. I mean c'mon it doesn't take a rocket scientist to look at recent photos of me and know that I don't weigh 100 or even 150 pounds.
And like a great friend just said to me recently, I really just don't give a shit what people think.

Okay, I totally do.. or otherwise I wouldn't be posting personal photos like this. But also, 199.12 pounds you guys!?1?!! All out of pride.. every ounce of it.

I haven't weighed anything below 200 for YEARS. As in BEFORE HAVING BABIES.
My weight was at about 230 when I became pregnant with James and that was 6 whole years ago. I also weighed over 200 pounds when I met my husband for the first time in 2003 (bless his skinny heart for liking a fatty). So, this is HUGE. HUMUNGOUS. The size of my pants are not as humungous and that I can't totally dig.
I need new pants. Like... now.
I am deeply in love with the fact that my size 20s fall of me..but I'm not so deeply in love with the fact that my belt can only make them so much tighter.. and then they're all bunched up and saggy and BLECH.
I need new pants now.

So there you have it. My weight. Do what you will with that information. Me? I'm going to go and enjoy (well try) a bowl of frozen yogurt NOT ice-cream. Oh and also, being lactose intolerant kind of helps my situation but hey that is okay. That also validates my new obsession with greek yogurt. And olive oil.
Gosh I love that stuff.

PS: I love how the photos says it's 2002. And also 4 in the morning. I love that scale. It's just as confused as I am.


Hope's Blog said...

I love the picture. I wish I could get there. I need to try...that is my problem. I would like to think that I will try soon...and I do every week for about a day.

Good luck on your journey.

Chelle said...

What a great milestone to get under 200! Woo hoo! Kudos to you...keep up the good work. And, praying you are finding some relief and help for the phobia.

On a side note, the word verification I have to fill out has the word "food" in it, which is cracking me up.

cartes said...

That is awsome dawny! We weigh about the same now. Guess I need to bust my tushie to lose weight too. But I am very proud of you, doesn't matter how it comes off as long as it stays off.