Thursday, March 24, 2011

so random...

Well since I'm so sleepy that my computer screen looks nice and blurry this will a pathetic attempt at a blog entry for today.
But I do have some random thoughts that I've had today that I'd like to share:
...knowing that the kids wore "footy pajamas" to school for pajama day is ridiculously CUTE.
...I'm thinking that our George Foreman may be dying. Slightly raw chicken isn't as yummy as fully cooked.
...hooray for the invention of the microwave or I would have been left starving with no dinner (totally killed that chicken after realizing it was not fully cooked..  at least it didn't still cluck cluck cluck away).
...we are so getting our FAFSA-filling-out fun ON this weekend! April 4th is coming up quickly. That's when we can start choosing our fall courses!
...holy shit..I'm going to be a student again. Holy shit.. we're BOTH going to be students.
...It's windy outside for the millionth day in a row. Oh look! tumbleweed!!
...standing on the bus stop coming home today, I saw something weird for the first time. At least for me it was the first time.. soft hail falling. Looked exactly like miniature snowballs. Aww.
...Yum, snowballs. I miss Baltimore..... sometimes...
...Haha "footy pajamas".. I love that Family Guy episode with Peter and the footy pajamas.

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