Monday, March 21, 2011

playing hooky.

Nope, not me. Natalie.

Natalie is home from school today. This makes day #36475849400 out of the year.
Alright, I know that makes no sense. But I'm keeping it there. I also find it pretty weird that I'm off today and have spent just about every single day off from cleaning toilets and instead, wiping butts and noses. I have 2 very glamorous jobs. ; )

All weekend both kids have had the sniffles snot pouring out of their noses, and a cough. We thought PASHAW it's allergies. No big deal. Really didn't even worry. Then last night at midnight Natalie wakes up with a 102 temp.
In my only-an-hour-and-a-half sleeping haze, I kept trying to desperately find the liquid Tylenol. Could not find it.

Oh yeah, that's right. We use chewables now. Oh there they are. 

Natalie patiently waited for her medicine, I tucked her in, put the fan on her, opened a window and went back to bed. Except only I couldn't go back to sleep.
Here's the strange deal with me.. if I'm only an hour or so into sleeping and then get jolted out of my sleep so soon, I end up staying awake with stomach issues. Kind of like indigestion/heartburn/whatever who cares.. because Natalie is the sickie here. Then the anxiety starts because it's quiet, everyone's now asleep and I have time to google what the hell is wrong with her. Finally, I give up..take a breather.. then just chalk it up to unfortunate back-to-back illnesses.
Gosh, it's been a month and half of back-to-back germ crap. I think that's enough.
With the kids and the hubby traveling to Maryland in a month exactly, we need to work these germs out now.

She's SO sick you guys.. SO terribly sick. (she really is..well, was?)

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