Thursday, March 31, 2011

in honor of my completing NaBloPoMo I will do the cabbage patch..

Oh yeah..uh huh I did it!!!
31 posts in 31 days and the only reasons why it was way easier this time would be because of the following 10 reasons:

10.) because when you have a child like Natalie who is almost 4 and blames all of her wrong-doings on her stuffed cat, there are boundless and unlimited entries to write.
9.) because when there is dysfunction, there is a blog entry.
8.) because being deliriously sleepy and then writing an entry is fun..way more fun than "drunk Facebooking".  Also more fun to read an entry again in the morning and not remember even posting it.
7.) because I am awesome and will one day be president.
6.) not president... THE QUEEN. Even better.
5.) because I said so.
4.) because there's nothing better than having a zillion illnesses hit your household in one month!
3.) because now I have an iPhone and I snap too many useless photos the photos have to end up somewhere.
2.) because now I really want to take a photo of me doing the cabbage patch.
1.) because I love this blog. I can't believe it's going to be 6 whole years of writing in it.


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