Wednesday, March 16, 2011

exciting, awesome, and sort of bittersweet.

Exciting? Well, because the kids and the hubby are going to Maryland next month to see family! For some of those special family members, none of us have seen since we've moved here to Colorado. So that's 2 whole years!

Awesome? Natalie and Rick both share the same birthday which is April 21st. They'll be leaving for Maryland on the 22nd and staying for 4 or 5 days! This is just way awesome. What a birthday gift for those two. Plus, I'm so happy that I'll still get to see them for their birthdays. I'm definitely taking off of work that day.

Bittersweet? Because I won't be able to go with them.
I'm really bummed about this.
I'm still new at my job and I can't take any extra days off yet other than what I already get, which is about 4 per pay cycle. The whole thing is pretty simple.. I can start using random vacation and sick days starting in late-May. And as we all know, using sick days is no bueno anyway so that leaves the vacation days. By that time I'll have 2-3 days saved.
The point is, I am bummed BUT this is all bittersweet because it all still means that it will all result in special family time with the kids and our special family members.

I really wish I could be there.
Between me not being able to go and the fact that I'll be all by myself here in Colorado for 4 or 5 days.. I don't like either one.
But! I'll spend most of that time away from the kids and the hubby working and making money. And probably spring cleaning because this apartment is dir-tay.

So there you go. Some exciting stuff coming up for April!!!

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