Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dear Natalie,

Oh my sweet Natalie. My sweet, wild, and crazy Natalie.
You my dear, are a handful. Definitely a handful of good stuff that's for sure. Whoever said that girls were made from sugar and spice and everything nice really had no idea what they were talking about. Sometimes, you are made of cayenne pepper. Possibly even some cinnamon.
You are feisty and this is something you're going to get sick of me saying, I just know it. But honey, it is so true. Speaking of honey, you can be as sweet as honey... when you want to be.
I admire so much how tough you are. How you don't take any shit from anyone. You will fight tooth and nail for what you want and if get it, well you're back to being sweet. If you don't, you let everyone know how upset you. Drama, I'm so sorry to say, is your other middle name. Diva? Would be a third middle name.
But as much as I make little jokes about how you are, I love it. I wish I could be tough like you. I wish I could always stand up for what I think is right because you my dear, will not be a pushover. I worry about how your brother may grow up to be.. or at least your daddy and I will have to steer him in the right direction of not being pushed over. But you? I'm actually kind of nervous that you'll be one of those kids who try to play with others and you'll scream at everyone if you don't get to play the game you want.
You've done it.
Oh yes you have.

Like right now you just walked in to tell me that your leg is broken because it hurts. You're still going around to every room telling everyone you have a broken leg. 


As "challenging" as you can be.. you are only 3 years old. You are 3. Not 5 like James. The ages of 3 and 5, as I'm learning very harshly, are WAAAAY different. I can never compare you to James because that just doesn't make any sense. You guys are 2 totally different little beings.
Speaking of size.. you are huge, too. So tall and so healthy.
You have your daddy's feet: really high arch and all. Which is totally perfect for your high heels.
That doesn't help your daddy's cause as much though.
You love your snowflake dress. This a dress that I bought for like 4 bucks months and months ago that was used and from the local Goodwill right by your school. You wear it every couple of days and we actually have to hide it from you when it's clean or you won't wear anything else. You love your dresses and you love your black dress shoes (also purchased very cheaply from the local Goodwill thankyouverymuch).
You are so utterly and completely girly. God I love it.
You are pressing us for you to take ballet lessons. This all started about a year ago when your physical therapist spoke with you and I about taking ballet, because it's one of the best ways for you to continue your therapy and strengthen those thigh muscles. I guess money issues always get it the way.. but we are SO looking into lessons for you. Especially now that ballet gear is so cheap and easy to find now. Once again, mommy is learning new things every day.
You are obsessed with princesses and pink and purple. The easiest way for daddy to brush your teeth before school is to tell you that you have to "brush your princess teeth".
You are silly and giggly. You love being a girl and that is yet another reason why I'm in such awe of you. You are completely comfortable in your skin. You know what you love and what you don't love so much and you have no problem saying "oh no thank you" and "oops, sorry" when the situation calls for it.
You love running around without pants, especially when you practice your own ballet moves.

I don't think you like pants at all. 

You hate showers but love taking baths. You really love the part when we rinse out your hair. You always say "aaahhhhhh" with such a long sigh. 
You aren't so much into baby dolls just yet, but you do pretend to own lots of lots AND LOTS of real cats and dogs. You put all of your favorite dogs and cats in your play stroller and push them around the apartment, feeding them and tending to them. 
There have been so many times that I've plunged into my bed to end the day and landed on numerous of your "pets" tucked nicely into my bed- all lined up in a row. 
Your freckles from last summer's sun are still there.. they sit beautifully on those plump cheeks. I'm kind of amazed how well I can still see them. I know that you'll add many more to your collection this year. 
You love school and you love your teachers. You've adapted to preschool so much easier than I ever expected. You can even spell out your name outloud. On paper, it's a bunch of "N"s and "A"s. 
I keep thinking.. you're only 3.. that's incredible. 
Just as incredible how you actually stand facing the corner during our new timeouts... 
The other day you called me "mom" and laughed like crazy afterward. You knew that it would get my attention. And then you started calling for "dad". 
You are in love with art.. cutting paper, drawing, "writing", and anything that involves making something. You love riding your trike and very recently, your scooter. You haven't been ready to take the scooter outside yet, but for the past week or so you've been scooting around the apartment with those muscly legs of yours. Legs that are always covered in a few toddler-style bruises. 
As long as you have a tiara and animal in tow, you are completely content. 
You are our free-spirited princess. Our warrior.. our miracle... a ball of energy.
I love you sweet pea.

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