Tuesday, March 15, 2011

being a kid is hard ya'll.

..endless snacks, or what at least seem like endless snacks.

..naps whenever you feel like it.

..TOYS oh the TOYS oh my goodness the TOYS.

..someone there to help you wipe your butt when you have diarrhea (yeah this is today with Natalie PURE FUNNNN for me)

..stories read to you on command.

..a seemingly endless supply of clean clothes that are always there for you.

..closets, boxes, and little nooks of your home to "discover" and play in.

..getting special treats if you're behaving well.


..making a picture of a car and being cuddled and praised for how awesome it is.

..feeling weightless and invincible.

..allowed to feel moody.

..only having to go to school for 3 hours.

..not having to make your own appointments.

..getting to scream and play at the playground and no one around you thinks you're a weirdo.

What else would you like to add?

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