Monday, March 14, 2011

and we are now O2 therapy free!

Somewhere around Wednesday of last week we started to give Natalie a little less of the O2 here and there just to see how she would handle it. At the advice of the cardiologist it was okay to do this..slowly wean her off. For most of the day Wednesday Natalie used the O2 therapy. By Thursday, she used a lot less. By Friday she used it for 5 minutes right after a coughing fit. During the weekend we took it with us wherever we went but she never needed it. Plus, the coughing was barely happening.

But now the coughing is just about completely gone and Natalie no longer needs the O2!
Her color is gorgeous, her lips are ruby red, and her nailbeds are a perfect shade of peach.
Her appetite is back and she's been as rough and tumble as a ever- even becoming quite the furniture-climber lately like her big bro.

We are keeping the O2 condenser and the extra tanks for a little while longer. At least until flu/cold/croup season is over. That would be somewhere around May.

RSV got it's ass kicked. Go Natalie!

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