Sunday, February 20, 2011

cookies and hearts.

Boy have I been a horrible blogger lately. Good grief. Good thing March is coming up in about a week, because I plan on updating every day. I guess you could say that I'll be participating in March's "NaBloPoMo" which stands for "National Blog Posting Month". Because seriously, I need a swift kick in my ass to get going.
Between working full time and being in full on zombie-mode when I am home after my shifts, I have to get better at updating this blog more often. Honestly, I think about the blog almost every day and when it gets to be over a month since my last real blog post..because hey photos are okay but don't always count.. I feel the guilt creep in.
Especially since it's Heart Month and most importantly, we have a new meaning when it comes to Valentine's Day. Now this day is always equated with spreading CHD awareness.

And also, cookies. With sprinkles that we are still finding in our carpet. 

For CHD Awareness Week we did get to make this cute little brochure holder and filled it up with awareness brochures. Thanks so SO much to Congenital Heart Information Network. I haven't forgotten that we owe you a donation for sending those out to us for FREE. 
We have lots left over and will save them for next year. The plan is to grab this back..since it's at my job.. and re-create it for year-round. 

This blog post is brought to you by my weekend off. So hey, there is hope.

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