Sunday, January 30, 2011

the past few weeks in pictures...

 I think he drew himself here. Either way, it rocks!!

 Thanks Uncle Dave and Aunt Laurel!!

 King of The Mountain. 

 and here comes the king again!

 Being picked up from school..
 the geese are going to somewhere warmer.. but definitely not Canada. 

 Our model posing next to nature's sculpture. 
 These were captured on the 1 year anniversary of Natalie's Fontan surgery. Fontannivesary yeah!!

 The largest pizza bubble the Bents have ever seen. 
 The kids modeling some new clothes sent by Gammy! Thanks Gammy!! (they love everything and so do I)

Sorry to be so horrible with updating this blog. Working working working. But at least I'm working. Everyone has been terrific. Natalie had an ear infection over a week ago but it's all cleared up. As usual, we stay really healthy during the winter. It's the early spring that it all catches us with us. Rick is taking some new medication for his IBS and it seems to help so far. I had my flu shot a few weeks ago but wont' do that again. The combo swine flu/regular flu shot didn't agree with me. I was sick for a week (stomach issues and feeling dizzy and really out of it). But everything is actually great around these parts. The kids are busy with school, they keep their daddy busy while I'm working, and things are nice and mellow. We're also waiting to hear about which school James will attend in the fall for kindergarten and that should be by Valentine's Day. Our first pick is pretty kick ass. More photos to come! Thanks to Rick for these!

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