Wednesday, November 24, 2010

what I'm thankful for (and yes, this post will be corny but I don't care)

I'm really thankful for the following (and also, I'm only posting this because I know tomorrow will be too chaotic for me to mention a single one):

*My kids drive me completely insane sometimes, but I'm so thankful for them. They are the sweetest and most beautiful kids that I've ever known and I can't believe that I had something to do with creating them.
Please remind me to read this statement when I freak out about something that they did.. such as, peeing on the carpet...again.

*I'm incredibly thankful for my new job. It may not provide for everything we need, but it's a JOB. A JOB...which I hear are pretty extinct these days. I also am thankful for the fact that it's a great job and that I get to work with my mom (she does laundry and I do housekeeping.. mom and daughter team yay!)

*I'm so SO thankful for our good health.. Natalie keeps kicking CHD in the balls and the rest of us are pretty healthy. I honestly can't find anything to complain about in that department.

*I'm so thankful for my husband. This man has put up with me for almost 7 years now (we met on December 9th, 2003) and the fact that he's still around says a lot. He's an out-of-this-world husband and just as great of a father. We drive each other crazy sometimes, but we're always rooting for each other. I'm thankful and lucky.

*I'm completely thankful for my friends and family. Without any of you (and you know who you are because you're included if you're reading this) I would have lost my mind years ago. 2010 has been the roughest year yet and you helped get me through it. I will never be able to say "thank you" enough, but still....thank you... SO much.

*I'm so thankful for still having a roof over our heads..internet to use so I can write on this blog... food pantries that helped us eat..and this was quite a few times this year... unexpected good things that did happen.. and for still having many blessings to count. I'm so thankful for every bit of good that happens to me and my family. When you've been through an incredible amount of bullshit it actually becomes easier to see the good shit. It takes tons of practice on my part, but I'm getting there. It gets easier and easier to put blinders on and focus on what to appreciate.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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