Tuesday, November 2, 2010

let's really get this started.

Well now that I got my whining and carrying on out of the way, I feel like I can really start this whole "National Blog Writing Month" gig. I feel a little cleansed. A little more clean. A little bit more less secretive in a way. Because shit, let's face it I know I'm not the only one out there who wants to scream "FUCK THIS SHIT" as loud as they can scream it. Kind of makes me think of that scene in "Garden State":

Except having a humungo canyon-like ditch to scream into, I have mountains to stand on top of..or I could just scream at a mountain. So, I think a weekend drive to have a little screamfest is in order don't you think?
I also have to warn, I will be cussing worse than a drunken sailor this month for these next 29 posts. I can't help it. I'm getting better at watching what I say in front of the kiddies lately, I mean I usually do anyway..I mean..I kind of have to. When I think they're watching "Sid the Science Kid" and not paying attention to any curse words I'm throwing around (even joking with the hubby) they're picking it up. These children have much better attention span that they'd like for us to believe and by "these children" I mean ALL children. 
Holy crap, speaking of attention spans and Sid the Science Kid (who I swear looks a bit off in that show but whatever) I stayed behind for an extra half an hour at school today. I am so happy that I did.. this is a perfect example of how high my kids make me (high with happiness).. the teacher was discussing bones and x-rays today and James raised his hand..
James: "I got a poke in my arm last Sunday".
teacher: "oh why?"
James: "...because I got my vaccination for the flu and so I can get make new antibodies and everything."
both teachers: giggles

Like I said.. thanks Sid. I really do mean it. 

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