Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Unrealistic Fears.

Over at "Confessions of a Working Mom", soon-to-be second time mom Elizabeth writes about some of her unrealistic fears that feels since becoming pregnant. To me, her fears don't seem unrealistic at all. Also, pregnancy hormones are one helluva ride.
Check out her post and see what two cents you'd like to add.
I am so grateful for her blog and today's post because honestly dudes, I had no idea what to blog about today. This is day numero 10 of "National Blog Posting Month" and I'm already running low on steam. Then again, my coffee usage has cut down dramatically recently so maybe that's it. I really really would love a cup of joe right now. Oh sweet sweet nectar.
The question that Elizabeth asks at the end of her blog post is..

What unrealistic fears do YOU have?
How do you keep them at bay?

Me being sort of a ball of anxiety half the time now knew right away that I could probably list a zillion things. For now, I'll add just a few. 

4.) As I've mentioned a few times before, I have a huge unrealistic fear phobia of vomit. I guess this one of my answers that really takes the cake when it comes to my fears. I am terrified of vomit and vomit-ING. It's been 4 years since I've upchucked and I'd like to keep that number growing. 
It doesn't help at all when you have two kids who can vomit pretty much at any time for any reason and sometimes even if they do it just to get attention because they're upset. But the worst for me is dealing with virus-induced vomit. BLLEEECCCK. Okay, enough of that.. 
But how do I deal with it? Lately I've been carrying a "vomit bag" if you will. It's just a plastic bag in case of. It makes me feel a little more at ease. Especially for those instances when your 3 year old pukes within minutes of getting off of public transit. At least now I'd have something while ON the bus. 

3.) I have a very unrealistic fear of the kids getting hit by a car. It's gotten better since I've learned to drive, I must say. Even while I still have the fear of being hit by a car myself while driving, I feel better knowing how easy it is to retain control of a vehicle, with some practice. This doesn't take away from my fear of drunk and complete idiot drivers. But yeah, since I've learned how to operate a car and feel at ease with driving, my fear isn't as bad as it used to be. 

2.) Speaking of pregnancy-related stuff, since I'm out of the baby-making business I've recently developed this ridiculous fear of having an ectopic pregnancy. I know. I know. UGH. Now when I get those monthly side pinches indicating my continued ovulation (hey, who wants to hear more about my awesome ovaries?), the fear sets in that I'm doomed. 
I haven't quite figured out how to deal with it just yet. The only thing I can do now is tell myself that it's probably not an ectopic pregnancy thing going on and just calm the hell down. 80% of the time I just calm down and ignore it. And also, I'll KNOW if there is something really wrong. 

1.) I have an unrealistic fear of losing my children... I know. 
And I don't mean by death either. Lately especially I've been so scared of losing them because of our financial struggles. And not to anything I've done on purpose or by any reason for something I've done to them.. I'm just so scared that one day social services will knock on the door, claim them and explain that I'm too poor to keep them. 
I know that it's completely unrealistic. And boy is that all so depressing sounding. 
We've had an instance where giving them up to "the system" was suggested and maybe that's where my fear comes from? All I know is that it's probably silly of me to worry. I know I shouldn't worry. Who needs more worry? 

Again, check out Elizabeth's blog and read up! Also tell me, what unrealistic fear(s) do you have? and how do you cope with it?

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Confessions From A Working Mom said...

Thank you so much for the shout out, and I'm glad I gave you something to write about!!!

I hear you on all the fears... well, I'm not technically "afraid" of vomit, but I definitely don't like it. And your #1, with regards to financial issues, wow, that is the story of my LIFE... I am always worried we won't have enough!