Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

 Once again we stuffed our faces with good food and filled our hearts with more joy. The kids just filled their hearts with more joy and the tummies with pie. According to James, Thanksgiving food sucks.
It's okay James, I didn't care for sauerkraut when I was your age either.
So without further ado here are tons of photos from today.....

 Natalie under her "tent" aka sheet fort that I built for them. Anything to get them out of my hair for a little bit so I could cook, ya know?
 Scary James.
 Gimme all your money.

 Random shot of some old utensils.. these were a gift to Rick's mom aka "Gammy" years and years ago. There is a signature "J" on the bottom of each, which stands for Judy. 

 very cool...

 I ask them to let me take photos of them and this is all they want to do. We're trying to convince Natalie that if she keeps doing that she'll have that look permanently. She just laughs at us. 

 FOOOOOOOOD. This year I did it "buffet style" which is so easy and so painless and so awesome. Every bit of food was delicious. I now know how to make gravy from scratch thanks to Mom. 
 James thinking ""

 James' turn... 
 and now Natalie's turn. Poor Uncle Seant (it's Sean, but the kids add that extra "t" at the end).

 Natalie moping.... about something.... 

These two photos look connected and I couldn't fix I left it that way. The utensils above look like they're floating above the pie hahaha. Anyway.. doesn't take much to amuse me. But, the cutlery above is from the 1940s when Rick's Nanny and PopPop were married. They are completely beautiful and we're so lucky to be able to hold onto them. We used them today, our first time, with paper plates. That's how we rock. But in my defense, the paper plates were fancy Chinet
The apple pie is all Donna's doing (my sis in law's) and it is delicioussssss. I already know what I'm having for breakfast tomorrow.

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