Wednesday, November 3, 2010

so yeah how about that?

Halloween. I think it may become our new Christmas and only because I say so.
I'm not totally sure, but I think the kids would agree with me. Maybe? As long as the candy and the cookies keep a flowin' and the carved pumpkins are included everything will be just fine... even if I did feel sad cry like a baby because I didn't get any pumpkins to carve until the day of. The night before, I drove around depressed and anxious looking for a pumpkin..even if just a single pumpkin to carve and grab those seeds. In all fairness, I did promise the kids a pumpkin and damnit I was going to get one. I stopped at our closest grocery stores around 10pm Saturday night with no luck.. only to find 3 mashed ones that looked mashed even before someone mashed them. I actually considered buying one. Yes, you can call that pathetic you're allowed.
The morning of Halloween I shed a few tears and even exclaimed outloud (to myself because seriously the kids don't care) that this is going to be the worst Halloween ever and we're doomed. I'm doomed. Damnit.
But then Natalie came over and gave me a kiss and then I laughed at myself. Seriously, what was I thinking? The new circular for our local grocery store had just come out that morning and blammo! PUNKINS WERE ON SALE.
And all was right with the world.
That was until the kids got a hold of the rest of the newspaper and saw that there were 2.. yes 2! store magazines included highlighting some green, red and white sales.
Then they repeatedly screamed about what Santa was bringing them and that Santa was most definitely was going to buy them a pink puppy and a bike and a Leapster Explorer and chocolate bunnies holding candycanes and also tons and tons of fake guns.
Well anyway....
James had the right idea this past Friday to just simply skip actually decorating the cookies and instead, YUMMY SPRINKLES. Kid is smart. When they weren't looking I ate some too. 
Monkey see monkey do.
Saturday we attended an awesome Halloween party at a fellow classmate's house. At this point the kids were hunting for candy in their backyard. James learned quickly that running was the best option since he had tons of competition. 
Natalie, however, gracefully and patiently picked up some candy as she saw it. 

James is feeling quite victorious here because his candy bag was overflowing. He even  handed me extra pieces he found so I could stash them in my pockets. 
Natalie thought that was funny but then was a little upset that James had found more than she did. 
But that was quite alright because she kicked ass at musical chairs by being the last girl standing. Those big guys were serious competitors. 
This was around the time I stopped crying about pumpkins. 
The crying was worth it. Old Bay seasoned seeds. Totally TOTALLY worth every tear.
We started trick or treating at about 5:30 which apparently in Colorado is too early. It has been ingrained in my head for decades that you start around 5 because if not (and you choose to stay out while it's dark) kids will rob you of your candy. Not around here. But we made out really well anyway.. people were pretty overjoyed to see us out and about. They had a big bowl of candy and we had empty sacks. Some people were so disappointed with the low turn out of Sunday night trick or treaters that they gave James and Natalie handfuls of candy each. 
Hey, a lonely banana! Where is his bunch? haaa......haaaa.... uh 
Even James is thinking about that lonely banana. Or it could be that both of their bags were heavy and we were about to tear it up. 
I don't think Natalie likes popcorn balls. 
In any event, the kids now have enough candy to share with mom and dad now. 

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