Thursday, November 11, 2010

my strange tradition.

As long as I can remember I've been doing something pretty funny when it comes to hand-made birthday cards. And only with birthday cards. And really only with family members. At least I think so. Hmm.. well if you are a friend and especially a family member and you happen to catch this entry you may have seen this before?
Or not? And if that's the case, then one day you will. Yes, that's a promise. 

Back in the day when handmade cards were the shiznit and your parents would gush over them, something I now do daily with my kids, I was always sure to mimic Hallmark and write on the back of my awesome handmade card "A Dawny Card."
I think this started when I was about 5 or 6. It's been that long. Gah I'm getting
My mom's 57th birthday was today and I was sure to not disappoint. I have to keep this very long, and probably ridiculous, tradition going.
Even now that I am married and have kids, cards are no longer made or signed by just "Dawny" but instead including my crew now named "Benty." I know I'm retarded.
Things have changed and I have to keep up with the flow. Ya know yo?
I also made sure to have the kids sign their names to cards now. James wrote his name really well and Natalie wrote about 12 or 13 random letters with the A's and O's colored in. After she was finished is was all intended to say "Happy Birthday Grandma." I just can't get over how cute that card looked. I also forgot to take a last minute photo of that. But I promise you, it was really cute.

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Cassie said...

I meant to comment on this post before but we had a card making program that you could make your own cards or pick a pre-desgined one...well on the back it was printed out the greeting card program and I would delete that and create my own little created or designed by logo and my name too lol :-)