Friday, November 5, 2010


This is one of those days where I wimp out and don't want to post anything. All because this cold I have had for a few days (seriously?.. seriously! despite the constant hand washing and sanitizer) is kicking my ass.. and what gets my panties in a bunch is that I caught this bug first. I have to say, it's kind of refreshing to have a cold. Okay, not really "refreshing" that's not a good word to use. Especially when loads of snot, sneezing, and accidental spitting whilst sneezing is involved.
How about.... "different". Also? gross.
Usually we're always battling tummy bugs around these parts so a cold is a piece of cake. At least it seems like we're always dealing with tummy issues around here. Between Rick's severe IBS, the 2 ( or 3?) tummy bugs we've had in the past 7 months, and Natalie's constant "my tummy hurts" you actually go crazy. Note: "my tummy hurts" means any of the following when Natalie says it:
-"I'm hungry."
-"I have gas."
-"I have to pee."
-or my personal favorite.."I'm just saying this so I don't have to eat that crap you just cooked."
I met a mom at the park today who went on and on about her son, who was the one spending a lot of time playing with James, just had a really nasty stomach flu. I thought I was bad when it came to the anxiety of cleaning up after a pukey kid.. wow. Nope. She wins hands down. She made me scared for her. Her and her white comforter, which apparently is ruined now.
Now I can't stop thinking about how I hope to god James doesn't get it.. see that!? see how I do that? aahh the anxiety is already seeping in.
Well anyway.. I'm starting to adopt the whole "whatever" mantra..or at least I'd like to think I am even if it's not true..when it comes to stuff like this. I'm only washing and sanitizing so much because I have yet to get my flu shot. Well that.. and because I'm really trying to not get the rest of the family sick.
Aren't I so sweet?
Ehh.. not really because I accidentally sneezed on Natalie's head yesterday. And then the computer monitor. And most regretfully, around our toothbrushes.
I feel so bad. I couldn't help it. These sneezes come out of no where and are so forceful and painful. No amount of elbow/ arm shielding helps because apparently my mouth does not get the memo from my brain to CLOSE MY MOUTH.
Where's my Nyquil?

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