Sunday, November 21, 2010

the games kids play..

Lately, James and Natalie have had a new favorite thing to do: make up crazy games.

I have to admit, I am in love with this phase. Their ages ..their sense of humor..everything about it. But that comes with some strange new behavior. Hilarious too, don't get me wrong. But.... strange.

The latest new crazy game is called "fighting" but it's not what you think.
One of them has to start by pulling the other to the floor..usually in slow motion and an "ohhh noooo". Then once that other person falls the other one lands on top of the other, pinning them down. All the while there is giggling a plenty, screaming but giggly screaming. Then both of them wriggle around on the floor like floppy fish who are trying to wrastle..  James is usually the one to get back up and try to lift Natalie off of the floor. He successfully dragged his sister, by her front sweatshirt pockets today. I started with a "uuhhh James noo no nooooo" and she never laughed harder at his attempt. Could be because he was successful or maybe because I made him stop. I still haven't figured that out yet.
But this new "game" went on this evening for over an hour. A full hour of floppy fish flippin' fun.

Right after declaring it aloud that it was definitely bath time, Rick lets me know that they were doing this earlier today for about the same amount of time.

The kids are also in love with the idea of bumping their stomachs together. Kind of like Sumo wrestlers.  Very small Sumo wrestlers.
The last latest craze to hit the Bent household is to sing "Hokey Pokey" but ONLY using your butt. Because putting your butt in and putting your butt out and putting your butt back in and shaking it all about is quite important. And the sole important body part of this game.

I wonder what tomorrow's new game is. 

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