Tuesday, November 23, 2010

ducks and spam.

Last night I was trying to help James pick out something to bring to school for "show and tell." Also..awwww! Doesn't that just make you want to squish him? While you're at it, you can squish Natalie too because she showed the class her stuffed kitty that her Gammy gave her a few weeks ago. I think she shows the same thing for every "show and tell" but hey, whatever works.

Huge sidetrack here: Rick just went to tell the kids to go to sleep and I overheard Natalie saying "I DON'T WANT CANNED TURKEY" and why you ask? Because I just left their room after saying that tomorrow while I'm at work they should make "hand turkeys" to decorate the apartment for Thanksgiving dinner.
Sorry..I can't stop laughing. I am also now craving Spam. And turkey.

So, back to what I was saying about "show and tell".
I started going through the kids boxes of special baby things and showed them both some of the cute outfits they wore as newborns and also, James' beloved ducky blanket. Does anyone remember this?

I most certainly do. I also remember how many times it was lost outside of the home and how we kept finding it. One time we found it a block away in a bush.
We showed James this old well-loved lovey and he smiled. Naturally, he doesn't remember it at all but even he thought it was cute.
James ended up deciding to not bring anything baby-related because he is too cool for that.
He ended up choosing something more macho- his big monster truck.

Natalie, however, found something from the baby boxes that she is clinging to this week (cause let's face it, each week she clings to something new and exciting). This week it is James' cone-shaped 1st birthday hat. I can't find any photos of him actually wearing it but he did wear it even if it was for a hot minute. I'll have to get a photo of Natalie and this hat because dudes... oh my god... she wears it off to the side and it looks ridiculously hilarious. Photo to come tomorrow!
Until then, I will just keep craving canned meat.

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