Sunday, November 28, 2010

completely random...

Why does Christian Bale have to constantly fight the hotness? Why?
He's in another movie where he's deathly skinny looking. Does he hate food that much? Or maybe the real question is does he love money that much? because I'm sure he gets paid very well to do what he does.
Maybe his hunger is what makes him so grumpy.


We have a busy week here in the Bent household. Natalie goes for her dental checkup later this week and I still have to remember to schedule James' physical. Poor kiddo already asked if he's getting shots. I replied with "not sure buddy" and then received a postcard in the mail saying that he definitely is getting shots.
Oy vey.
Before I go all into how I hate shots, it's more of the fact that I know he's going to cry and him getting upset makes me get upset. He'll sit there shaking and take the shot, but I know that his heart is racing a gazillion miles a minute and you just hate to see your kid like that.
But all will be well. I'll make sure to schedule for after his birthday. Which hey, is only... ONLY 12 days away?
How the hell did this happen?
How is it that my babies are not babies anymore?
How ... when did this happen?
James... is be.......   5 years old.
That's not even preschooler age anymore. It's school-aged. As in school-aged until he's 18 and graduates from high school.
Oh man.
Alright Ms.Natalie, maybe you can slow down with the growing situation for a little bit. That would make mommy really happy.
Because you stunting your growth would be really important for mommy and that's all that matters.



So I'm not really sure where today's post is going.. I think it's just proof that I don't know where to go with all of the new things that have happened and will happen.
Being back to work has made me really open my eyes up to the fact that my kids are more independent and BIG. And also, that my crush for Christian Bale may have an end.

I need to go and find some older photos of his Batman days... I'll be back.

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