Friday, October 8, 2010

random poem.

Everyday is full of stress
but most days there are giggles.
My kids love to do things
that are way more entertaining than The Wiggles.

Jumping, running, skipping, exercising
are just a few of their skillz
And yes they use the word "exercise" 
almost daily for their own thrills. 

There are times both James and Natalie
get along like 2 peas in a pod.
Then there are times when they scream and shout
with me chiming in with a loud "OH MY GOD!"

Their sense of humor is something 
I knew would make me proud
because their dad and I are weird enough
but luckily we're not too loud. 

When the crying and whining happen
it's impossible to hear yourself think..
because when Natalie whines and cries 
you really REALLY will need a drink.

The squinty eyes, big cheesy smiles
and scrunched up noses are my favorite.
I grab our camera with attempt to capture
any moment so I can savor it. 

Luckily both kids are happy campers
and both can be easy to please.
They love the simple things in life
where some other kids are not so easy to appease. 

Being a mom is the toughest work
but it's the easiest I've ever had.
No matter how many days I feel like I'm losing it
I feel happy, truly glad. 

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