Monday, October 11, 2010

it has arrived!

On Saturday, I became giddy. Very giddy. Because Natalie's medical ID bracelet had arrived..and so quickly! I totally did not expect it that fast. I think it took about a week and half? Honestly didn't expect to see it until later this week..
For anyone interested, I ordered it from a site that a fellow "heart mom" recommended a while back (or at least, I think it's the same but anyway, here's the site:
Total paid was about $31 and that even included the shipping so it was definitely a very worthy investment. I was able to fit everything I wanted onto the stainless steel ID tag. I still can't believe I waited so long to order one of these..but here it is!
Natalie, thankfully, LOVES it. She knew it was coming in the mail soon and asked about it every time I went to check the mail. Smart kid that one. But yes, luckily she loves it. She doesn't wear it alot (I expect that for now) but loves to have her favorite stuffed doggie Charlie wear it.. which if I may add is not a boy she says Charlie is a girl. I had to get it straight. 
And here is another picture of it, with flash and including a very cute freckle if I may add....


Anonymous said...

I saw today that someone came to my blog from yours - I don't know how you found me but I'm glad to find you! Another Denver heart family - I love it =)

Allie loves her bracelet too. She bangs it on the table and plays with it to go to sleep. It was such relief when hers arrived - totally understand why you guys are so excited! I love the fabric behind the tag - where did you find that?!

Dawn Bent said...

I didn't even realize that you guys were in Denver! That's way too cool! Is it silly for me to ask if you go to Children's? lol
the fabric band is one of the few they offer for kids..the sport band. I couldn't believe they even offered a heart pattern.
So awesome that Allie has one! The teacher is Nat's class was excited about the idea and wish that an old student of hers had one..a student last year was deathly allergic to peanuts (even the smell she says) and the parents never bought this boy one. wow.