Monday, October 4, 2010


For the past two Fridays due to "the bug" situation being wiped off of the face of the earth (hopefully..oh god please hopefully), from about 11am to 4pm I've had to get pretty creative in finding things to do with the kiddies. Oh the kiddies. Must be sure to entertain the kiddies.
Seriously though, that's my favorite part of parenting. It forces me (us) to get out and do stuff. Even if it's simple stuff like feeding ducks, bowling and me being my kids personal paparazzi. Those kids don't know it yet, but they are going to hate my camera eventually.
Two Fridays ago we ventured over to the closest body of water to throw saltine crackers at the ducks and geese. Alright I was worse. I am horrible at feeding ducks. I usually end up throwing the food on their feathers and laugh when other ducks and geese nibble at them.. honking and following them around while they have no idea how much cracker/ bread sits on their backs. Sorry. Sometimes I'm exactly like a 10 year old. That may be worse than 10 year olds.

I had no idea how funny it was to see a goose with it's mouth hanging open. Even James is pointing at this photo as I type this hysterically laughing at it saying "it's pooping or laughing and hahahahaha".
He was laughing here too. Natalie kept laughing about how the ducks were funny looking.
I have to admit, those ducks were ruthless and scary. I honestly think that I am more afraid of ducks than geese now. That lonely goose (out of the millions that terrorize this lake and park area) was so well-behaved. The ducks? not so much. They yelled at us when we weren't feeding them fast enough. Those 4 ducks ate almost 2 sleeves of saltines and screamed for more! Yes, ducks scream. 

This past Friday we had to head out again. Boy was I not in the mood for this again. I love getting out and doing fun stuff..even if it's just getting some fresh air.. but I hate being pushed out the door. Knowing that when you come home the air is thick and smelly and you desperately look for survivors just so you can squish them. Squish. Well at least this time nothing was left moving. In fact, I still haven't seen any evidence of anything. Nada. So being pushed out was more than worth it.
While the chemicals seeped into our belongings at home we decided to finally use some of our summer reading program tickets to free bowling!
I'm a horrible bowler. But at least the kids don't judge and had no idea how horrible mommy was with bowling. We showed up to a full house where the 50+ league was playing and let me say, those "old" people were kicking some boo-tay. They were all doing the swinging and swooshing and the sliding of the feet and the motions of professional bowlers. It was impressive stuff! I do not, however, know how to do any swinging, swooshing, sliding or motion at all unless it means that I'm slipping in my bowling shoes by accident.
I pretty much just walk up to the line and almost throw the ball. That's all I've got. It's all I know.
And that's exactly how the kids preferred to do it, too.
Sorry, kiddies. 
When we first got there James went from pretty excited to declaring "no no mommy I really don't want to ..I do not want to go bowling at all nooooo".
I entered in his name, Natalie's, my mom's and mine and told James it was no big deal. That he could bowl if he wanted whenever.
Natalie, however, was ..ya know.. to say she was excited is an understatement..she was persistently pushy with a "let's do this!!" attitude. I loved it.
We let her start first and after throwing 3 balls down the lane James was jealous and joined in.

Notice the sheer anticipation of watching his ball makes it way down the lane. Very serious stuff.
Natalie doing her dancing from James hitting a few pins. (I love their little bowling shoes)
James preferred the green 6 pound ball while Natalie preferred.....
the red 8 pound ball. Of course. ;)

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