Thursday, September 23, 2010

I would like a new kid please.

There are some days I would like to trade Natalie in for another kid.
Not a permanent trade, but a trade for sure.

For a kid who doesn't talk back.
..a kid who doesn't give me dirty looks if I ask them to do something.
..a kid who doesn't wake up 3 times in one night for no real reason and then when they think up an answer it's always "monsters mommy monsters" which okay is normal I get it. But seriously come on. Every night?
..a kid who doesn't scream like someone is killing them..screams that start just because they don't get their way.
..a kid who could just be nice for one minute and stop being so nasty.
..a kid who is not 3 years old. Newborn age preferred.
..a kid who appreciates getting one lollipop and doesn't scream for more MORE MORE.
..a kid who isn't so bossy.
..a kid who isn't so high-maintenanced attitude-wise.

Come to think of it....
is there really a 3 year old out there that fits this description. No offense.. especially a female 3 year old? Hey, I'm a female so I'm allowed to say these things.

I just... don't know.... how to handle..... a 3 year old...... girl.

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Valerie E said...

So Dawn, let me just say I COMPLETELY understand. Claire and I had a bit of time that was unruly. Not to get all psychological on you or anything, but I read just last semester that children of the same sex as their parent tend to become demanding of that parent. Whether it's intentional or not, is unsaid. However, the standpoint I have on it is this:
In my situation for example, Claire was (and still has some days where) so uncontrollable. Little sly remarks, or the rolling of the eyes, or the tone of voice given when I asked a (what seemed to me to be) simple question.
Who'd have thought that children of this age was able to communicate with such "ignorance"? That's how I felt. Heck I still wonder even after reading about this topic myself.
But thing is, children of this age until about 6 and are able to express their feelings FULLY without having to repeat what we feel is so stressful. So, James may (have been or) be this way toward Ricky. It's just one of their "genetic" things that we have to deal with.
Until this year of school I was really ready to yank my hair out with Claire's behavior. Heck even Ms. Smith was having the same problems with Claire last year. She really had a thing against being repremanded by a female. However when it was a male (like Daddy), she took him more serious and related to him more. Such as when I'd ask a question about her having a bad day at school, she'd straight up say "I don't know, you find out!" Then when D would come home and I'd walk away, she'd answer the question entirely! Boy did it piss me off girl.
Just know that this'll get better over time. The hard part is pulling through it and knowing that in the long run that those rolling of the eyes aren't out of spite to you.
Keep your head up girl. We're pulling for you!