Thursday, September 16, 2010

great things come in small packages.

That's the first word I thought of when I received this necklace in the mail this past weekend:
A few weeks ago, a fellow Facebook buddy named Nicole shared a link to a contest from a fabulous lady named Kelly. She has her own personal blog called "my adventures in minutia", runs her own Etsy shop, and if don't find anything you like in either of those places then you've got mad. Mad I tell you!
Her photos and words of inspiration found on her blog and Etsy shop give you a serene feeling inside. With how hectic her life probably is (having 3 boys yeeesh), I'm sure she's going to laugh at me if she reads that.
The backdrops to her jewelry photos, I have yet to figure out where she gets them from, are always perfect and you can tell they are perfectly selected. How she selects them is an art in and of itself.
But even the jewelry alone is perfect.
I opened my carefully sealed package to this necklace with the feeling of like it was Christmas. Or Hanukmas.
I knew exactly what it was and couldn't believe how fast I got it.
With every detail of Kelly's packaging, a thoughtful note explaining the significance of this beautiful piece..I felt like I was a real customer. An appreciated customer. I hadn't even bought this and won it in a contest she held, and who could feel more special than that. I've purchased things worth $75 before and new got this sort of special treatment.
"Clinging to Summer" is the name of her masterpiece. How she knew that we shared a common bond already- labradorite being both of our favorite stones- is beyond me. I have a 2"x 2" chunk of that beautiful stone sitting by my living room window, as I type this. A chunk that I purchased YEARS ago when I worked at a science-geared shop (even sold fossils big and small to buy) before it closed.
Kelly, I don't like this necklace. I love it.
I am in love with it.
I don't have many really nice pieces of jewelry. Not only is this piece my  new favorite, but I will be sure to wear it, specifically to job interviews. And there will be many more of them. As cheesy as it sounds but it's so true.. walking into a job interview with a really pretty piece of jewelry that you can't miss, is sure to make some sort of impression.
Kelly, I am so grateful. I still can't believe I won it.
And Nicole if you're reading, thank you for not only sharing the link for me to win this contest, but you also shared with me a great blog and a new place for me to shop. I already have my eye on another piece. If I land a certain job soon that I have my eye on, I am so buying it.

Nicole is a fellow "heart mom" and has her own blog called "Perfect Broken Hearts" where she helps to raise CHD awareness and let's us readers read about her daughter Abby's journey with CHDs, specifically, Tetralogy of Fallot. You also get to peek into Nicole's life and how she deals with such a hugely life-altering condition. You'll also find some of her writing work included on "Blog4CHD" - a congenital heart disease blog focusing on support and expression involved in the whirlwind of CHDs. Please, when you get the chance, read her blog as well. ;)

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kelly said...

Awwwww. This just made my day.
And, yes, I laughed when I read that bit about 'peaceful feeling', because it's a ZOO over here. But I do love it.