Sunday, September 26, 2010

5 years and all I have is a lousy sense of happiness mixed with joy.

It is so not lousy. I kid I kid.
I can't believe I have kept up with this blog for precisely 5 whole years. 5 WHOLE YEARS BOOYAH.
I also have to add that I have fallen in love with the word "BOOYAH". I don't even know why. I think I like spelling it more than saying it.
But on the other hand, I like saying things rather than typing and spelling which brings me to this.. tomorrow I will compile a video of me and the kids giving ya'll a shoutout of sorts. I always wanted to do a video post. I love other people's video blog posts. I do watch them but I should also add that I only use YouTube to watch videos, not create my own and add so I'll probably use something less youtubeish and fancy.
I already gave James a heads up about it and he already knows what he wants to say. I heard him recite something about "thanks for giving me cars" or something so I'm not sure if he knows what I'm talking about. Yeah, I don't think he does.
Natalie, on the other hand, will love dancing around in her finest Cinderella/bee/princess/bag lady ensemble (say it in a fancy french way) so that should be something to see. Give me all day tomorrow to get that vid up because .. well... I have a 3 and 4 year old who are completely unpredictable.
And just think..  5 years ago today I was 6 months pregnant with James and the only "child" we understood was this one

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Valerie E said...

:-) I look forward to seeing the video! I love watching the kids entertain us! Thank you for including us into their world even if it's far away! <3