Monday, August 2, 2010

stuffed animals, Candyland, and cooking oh my!

*The kids just left me by myself while we played a game of "Candyland". They found it more fun to play "cats and dogs" instead, which involves Natalie playing the "bad doggy" and James the one who runs away from her.

*The kids are also utterly obsessed with their backpacks. James is going to reuse the one from last year while Natalie gets to break in her new(ish) Dora backpack. They use them to jam every stuffed animal into them and pretend that the animals are "sleeping".

*Natalie has the ability, off of the top of her head, to name each stuffed animal that she has. "Charlie" is the doggie that came home with her in October from Denver Children's. "Andy" is the stuffed otter that came from Aunt Lucy and Uncle Jesse (his original home was from the aquarium in California), and the list goes on. How she manages to pick good names I just don't know.

*Natalie also likes cooking shows and helping me in the kitchen when I cook. At first, I feel bad to say this, I felt annoyed. Only because I was so scared of her accidentally getting hurt or that she would just start throwing the prepared food. Something like that.
Little did I know how much help a 3 year old can be! And now James gets in on the action. But that also helps define "too many cooks in the kitchen".

*James has been asking me if we can go see Thomas at the (annual?) train museum event in September. It's crazy how much a 4 year old pays attention to commercials. During our morning PBS tv watching, that damn commercial came on about 8 times. At first, he kept saying "but he's not even real" and now he doesn't care and wants to "meet" Thomas. Hilarious. Also, the ticket prices are hilarious. No one tell Natalie that The Wiggles are in town this week because she'll freak. Ticket prices for their show? Heart-attack-worthy. I even went online to search for contests to win tickets. Every contest was complete and now, no Wiggles. Maybe next year you two. Or maybe not.

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Don't give up on your dreams said...

Your kids crack me up! Their intelligence levels are through the roof. I love their imaginations Dawn!