Saturday, August 28, 2010

random Saturday thoughts...

*Thinking that Natalie hates sleep. She sleeps no more than 9 hours a sleep a night. Wakes up 1-3 times a night for silly reasons, such as "AAAHHH WAH WAH my blanket fell" or my personal favorite "James is making noise!!" while James is quietly slumbering away. 
She must be having either a.) some pretty vivid dreams where who knows what's going on..b.) nightmares or c.) no weird dreams just a really bad light sleeper...or even d.) her avoiding her naps are causing this. 
Who the heck knows. All I do know that she is going to eventually get completely burned out from this. Also, preschool will teach her how wonderful sleep is. Getting up at 6am isn't going to be as much fun when you have to get up that early. So there, Natalie. 

*Thinking that Pepsi gives me a better caffeine jolt that Coca-Cola these days. Hmm.

*Thinking that having 75 cents to buy a can of Pepsi is a blessing. Seriously. 

*Thinking that watching reruns of Family Guy is what's keeping me from going completely crazy. A little humor does the mind good. And makes the stomach hurt from laughing so hard.. which is just fine. 

*Thinking that Rick having to take Miralax and Dulcolax in one day for tomorrow, whilst fasting for preparation for his Monday endoscopy and colonoscopy does not sound tempting. And also, poor Rick. 

*Thinking that it's good that I bought some Red Vines to snack on tonight. I think it's nice to see Rick eat half the bag. He deserves it. 

*Thinking that the start of school Monday is pretty exciting. Much more exciting that having to take a whole bottle of Miralax and who knows how many pills of Dulcolax in a 30 hour period. 

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